Voice-over gone in cut-scenes =/

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Hey guys!

Ran into sort of a bummer problem today. I was collecting the Zelda memories and all of a sudden, when one of the cut-scenes start I realize that the voice-over is gone, I think to myself, well that's strange but it happens sometimes in a lot of games through history so bummer for me, I missed the voice-over on that one (Background music and effects worked perfectly, only the voice-over was missing).

After this one I got kind off bummed out about collecting the memories so I figured I'd push the story along a bit...to my great terror the first cut-scene I get to...no voice-over again =(

Now I've missed out of 5 of these in a row, I've quit out of the game and started up again, I shut down the Wii U, powered up and started up again, still the same problem.

The question is, do I have a bad disc? Can a re-install help? Does the re-install delete my current progress?

Anyone who has knows anything about this I'd be ever so thankful for your input or advice!

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Is there no audio at all or just the voice track is missing?

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@koelsh: Like i mentioned above, the background music and the effects like steps, wind, birds or whatever work fine..only the voice-over is gone.

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