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One of the true mysteries of the Myth series, The Leveler is an ancient being of unknown origin and untold evil. It has accosted humanity since the beginning of recorded history, and it is conceivable that it has done so since the beginning of time. Unlike the gods Wyrd and Nyx, whose influence upon the world is passive at best, The Leveler takes corporeal form once a millennium in order to personally pursue its destructive agenda. Over the course of these incarnations, The Leveler has shown itself to be a creature of pure chaos that does not desire conquest so much as utter devastation. Each appearance of The Leveler has traditionally been followed by an extended period of war, with the combined efforts of many nations (or tribes) required to turn back its armies. It is not known how The Leveler reincarnates itself, but it does seem to have a penchant for inhabiting the bodies of heroes who once defeated it. One of the prevailing theories posits that The Leveler is bound to an occurrence known as The Thousand Year Cycle, and that its primary purpose is to usher in successive periods of Light and Dark. According to this theory, however, Balor, the most recent Leveler, was meant to have won, and the world was meant to have been plunged into darkness for a thousand years. The fact that neither of these things occurred leaves both the nature of the Cycle and The Leveler itself in question.


Sorangath the Flayed

Appearing toward the end of the Axe Age, Sorangath, the first recorded Leveler, was confronted by Tireces the Immortal and the unified human tribes, who banded together specifically to combat the threat he posed. His defeat in 570 H.C. is considered the beginning of the Age of Reason, a time of unparalleled prosperity for mankind. Sorangath was killed after being immobilized by magic and beheaded, and his body was later burned at the stake.

Moagim the Faceless Terror

Heralded by a comet in 431 A.E., Moagim's appearance signaled the end of the Age of Reason and the beginning of a dark time known as the Wind Age. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was the organization of the nightmarish Myrkridia, who would continue to terrorize man long after Moagim's defeat. The name of the person responsible for Moagim's death has been lost, but it is known that Moagim himself was drawn and quartered, and the pieces of his body dragged to the four corners of the world.


The third Leveler, at first thought to be Moagim Reborn, was ultimately revealed to be Mjarin, personal advisor to Emperor Leitrim. Unlike previous incarnations, Mjarin was content to manipulate events from the shadows, and only revealed himself once he was sure of his victory. Though Leitrim would eventually succumb to Mjarin's machinations, Connacht the Wolf, the great hero of the Wind Age, defeated and decapitated Mjarin before he could fully realize his goals.


The reincarnation of Connacht, Balor arose early in the Sword Age, quickly sacking the Cath Bruig capital and beginning a war which would span several decades. Though Balor was very nearly able to complete his conquest, a desperate plan enacted by the Avatara Alric unexpectedly brought about his demise and thus shattered his armies. The severed head of Balor was thrown into the Great Devoid shortly after his death in order to prevent him from being revived.

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