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    The Netherworld

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    The Netherworld is a place where many different variety's of demons and such call home.

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    In Disgaea/Makai Kingdom

    The Netherworld is a place in the Disgaea Franchise, and Makai Kingdom, where many demons live. Normally there is a Overlord who rules over all of the Netherworld, who is the most powerful demon in all of the Netherworld. Dispite there being many Netherworlds in the Disgaea games, all of these Netherworlds are not the same. Ever universe has its own Netherworld, each Universe having a separate Netherworld and Overlord ruler.

    Netherworld Overlords

    Disgaea:Hour of Darkness - Laharl

    Makai Kingdom: -Lord Zetta
                                  - Pram the Oracle
                                  - Dark Lord Valvoga
                                  - King Drake the Third
                                  - Seedle
                                  - Babylon
    Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories  -  Zenon (Not the overlord of Veldime in Disgaea 2 but a Overlord who arrived in Veldime)
    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice - Dean of the Evil Academy/Mao's Father


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