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    The Oro

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    The Oro is an organization that, through sonic generation, causes people to fall into psychosis through paranoia and induced hallucinations. They fear the coming of Rememdium, the remedy. Oro is short for Oro Invictus (Invincible Voice).

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     The Oro are a cult organisation that are feautered in the Condemned franchise. Oro Invictus (meaning Invincible Voice) play a major role in both games, manipulating sound waves to affect the minds of the general population. Though they play a very large role in the plot, The Oro are only described and explained very vaguely in Condemned: Criminal Origins. Much more is revealed about the group and their intentions in Condemned 2: Bloodshot. The Oro are responsible for the higher-than-usual levels of violence in Metro City. It is seen in both Condemned titles that members of The Oro have strange metal implants in their faces, chests and spine which are designed to tune their "voices" not only to drive people insane but to shatter flesh and bone itself.

    In Condemned: Criminal Origins

    The Oro are in the first game, though they are never referred to by name, and not much is explained about their purpose. Ethan does fight members of the Oro which include stick-wielding members of the cult and the final confrontation in wihch Ethan fights a high-ranking Oro leader. At the very end of the game, just before the credits, Ethan has a horrible vision in which he looks into the mirror, seeing his reflection bearing the horrible facial implants that are used by The Oro.

    In Condemned 2: Bloodshot

    The Oro are featured much more prominently in the second Condemned title, where it is revealed that they are much more powerful than previously anticipated. It is also revealed that Ethan Thomas has implants in his chest which are the same as those higher ranking Oro members posess. During the later stages of the game, Ethan finally learns to use his "voice" to devastating effect, causing any foes nearby to disintegrate when Ethan unleashes his scream. At the very end of the game, the President of the United States is shown at a televised conference about rising crime rates. The President is handed a note reading "The Remedy is among us.". Upon reading this, the President falls to the floor, suggesting that he himself is a member.

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