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The Rumble Fish is a  2D fighting game released in 2004 for the Sammy Atomiswave arcade platform and in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. It was developed by Dimps. An unusual design choice, at least compared to other fighting games, is the way that the characters are rendered; in TRF, a character actually consists of several different sprites.  Backgrounds are rendered in full 3D.
The PS2 version includes an animated intro, a story mode, and two bonus characters from The Rumble Fish 2.


The Rumble Fish is a five-button fighting game: two buttons (LP and SP) are dedicated to punches, two buttons (LK and SK) are dedicated to kicks, and the fifth button (D) executes the Dodge technique.  Dashing and Backdashing are performed by double-tapping forward or backward. By pressing down, then an upward direction, the character will perform a higher jump. Throws in TRF are performed by pressing forward or back and SP at close proximity to the opponent. TRF includes a guard gauge that, if emptied by excessive blocking, will induce a Guard Crush state. 

Rush Combo

The Rush Combo is a universal combo system that allows players to string together their normal attacks. Light Punch can cancel into Light Kick and vice versa, Strong Punch can cancel into Strong Kick and vice versa, and any Light can cancel into any Strong but the reverse isn't true in this case. Unlike some other fighting games that feature "gatling" systems, strict timing is required to ensure that the chained attacks actually combo.

Offensive/Defensive Gauge

The Rumble Fish features two gauges at the bottom of the screen: the red Offensive Gauge, and the blue Defensive Gauge. The Offensive Gauge fills by striking the opponent (regardless of whether the hit is successful or blocked), while the Defensive Gauge fills automatically with bonuses given  for blocking attacks. When both meters are completely filled, the bar changes to the green Critical Gauge, which unlocks the powerful, but very costly Critical Art.

Offensive Techniques

Advanced Attack, performed by pressing SP+SK, causes the character to quickly shoot forward with a weak attack. Due to the momentum of the technique, the user's attacks won't push the opponent back for a brief moment. This uses 50% of the Offensive Gauge.
Jolt Attack, performed by pressing LP+LK, causes the character to use a quick unblockable attack. The opponent will be staggered and time will slow down for a brief moment. This uses all of the Offensive Gauge.
Offensive Art is a super attack. It takes 100% of the Offensive Gauge and can be canceled from most attacks.

Defensive Techniques

Pressing D causes the character to perform a low slide that avoids certain high attacks. Pressing a downward direction + D causes the character to perform a short hop. Both can be cancelled into an attack.
Impact Break is a parry performed by pressing down or down-back + D when receiving an attack. For 50% of the Defensive Gauge, the player will guard the attack and instantly recover, allowing them to punish.
Quick Recovery, performed by pressing D while stunned in the air, causes the character to immediately recover, breaking the combo. It uses 50% of the Defensive Gauge.
As opposed to the Offensive Art, which is focused on adding damage to the end of a combo, the Defensive Art allows a defending player to change the pace of battle. It doesn't do much damage, and some must be performed in specific situations. (While knocked down, while guarding, etc)


  • Aran
  • Boyd
  • Garnet
  • Greed (boss)
  • Hazama (PS2 only)
  • Hikari
  • Kaya
  • Orville
  • Sheryl (PS2 only)
  • Typhon
  • Viren
  • Zen

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