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    A medical professional whose primary role is that of a caretaker and doctor's assistant. They are stereotypically female, however they can be of either sex.

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    Over the years there have been a variety of games that have featured nurses, and perhaps one of the most notable examples are the Pokemon Nurses from the Pokemon games. These nurses can be found in every Pokemon Center in the in-game world and heal the player's Pokemon free of charge. Somewhat predictably nurses are controllable units in the management game Theme Hospital, and a number of characters in the Trauma Center games are nurses as well. In Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 the character Sayoko Uehara is a nurse that works at the same hospital that the player may work at. She is the character representing the Devil Arcana in the game and will often flirt with the protagonist when they are alone.
    As well as working in a practical capacity nurses can often be sexualised in video games and other entertainment, for example Anesthesia in sexually-charged fighting franchise Rumble Roses or the various nurses in the pornographic Dengeki Nurse games. The undead Alchemilla Nurses have become a highly iconic enemy in the Silent Hill games, often skirting a disturbing line between overtly sexual and aggressively grotesque. Many different versions of these nurses have existed over the course of the games.

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