The Scepter of the Shifting Sands

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    The Scepter of the Shifting Sands in one of the most revered items today on World of Warcraft. It was tied to Ahn'Qiraj instance and world event.

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    In the lands of Kalimdor was The Well of Eternity, it was a lake which the Night Elves believed was the source of the world's magic power and from this power was created a bug-like race called the Silithids. Knowing it power the Old God known a C'thun (Kah-Thoon) created 'avatars' based on the Silithids and named them the Qiraji.

    The Qiraji soon began there plans to take over Kalimdor and the only thing stopping them was the Night Elves. This conflict quickly became The War of Shifting Sands.The Night Elves defended the land of Silithus which they had control over but lost it in the end after there armies were outnumbered and over ran. The Night Elves was forced back to the border of Tanaris and Un'Goro.

    The Night Elf leader Fandral Staghelm asked the assistance from the Bronze Dragonflight leader Nozdormu the Timeless One who is located in the Caverns of Time, but the Bronze Dragonflight refused but later joined the Night Elves when the Qiraji attacked the Caverns. Nozdormu's heir Anachronos agreed to the Night Elves cause and got every Night Elf to gather with the Bronze Dragonflight to attack the Qiraji in Silithus but still there numbers were too strong.

    The Bronze Dragonflight asked for the assistance of the other Dragonflights but the Qiraji's never ending army proved too powerful. So with the dragons and Fandral, they devised a desperate last effort plan to somehow seal the Qiraji off in there own city of Ahn'Qiraj. With the blessing of the Night Elf god of Elune the Night Elves and dragons bare witness to the the rise of a magical gate from the sands of Silithus sealing off the Qiraji, even the flying Qiraji couldn't fly over the barrier.

    The Qiraji outside the gate was quickly killed as the Dragons and Night Elves celebrated victory. The Dragonflight then devised a plan to gather as many forces as they could and re-open the gates so they could one day wipe out the Qiraji once and for all. Soon after the Bronze Dragonflight created the "Scepter of the Shifting Sands" so that the one who holds it could reopen the gates. The scepter was given to Fandral who in fear of seeing the Qiraji return and destroy Kalimdor broke the Scepter into 3 pieces.

    The Bronze Dragonflight thought the breaking of the Scepter was disrespectful and vow never to ally themselves with mortal races ever again. The Bronze Dragonflight gave the 3 pieces to given to the dragons Azuregos, Eranikus and Vaelastrasz.

    The sealing of the gates did have an effect that wasn't planed. C'Thun began to grow in power and the few Night Elves remaining in Silithus notice this power with the increase in Qiraji activity. So now the Bronze Dragonflight began there search for a champion to reconstruct the Scepter and destroy the Qiraji and C'Thun once and for all.

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