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    The Old Gods

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    In the Warcraft universe, the Old Gods are a powerful and chaotic race chained beneath the Earth, having the power to control their victims and make them do their bidding. They can eventually turn even the most noble and powerful beings insane.

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    History of the Old Gods

    Not many mortals remember how Azeroth was created, many rumors say that the Titans, a powerful race of stone giants who travelled from planet to planet shaping and filling them with new found life, came to Azeroth and began to shape it and creating life on the planet. The first of the beings to be created with known as the Earthen later to become the Dwarfs, they were created by a group of Titans known as The Pantheon. They were created to finish the work that the Titans had started and to also prepare Azeroth for the first mortal creatures. Soon after the Titans left Azeroth to go out to new worlds and shape them however, a horrific time came upon Azeroth when hulking, powerful beings known only as the Old Gods came. The world of Azeroth eventually went back to it's original states of chaos and destruction, a time where no life could ever exist.
    Creations such as the Earthen eventually came to be under the control of the Old Gods, becoming afflicted by the Curse of Flesh, which turned the stone skin of the Earthen into mortal flesh. The elements and their lords became the foot-soldiers of the Old Gods. By now most of the creations of the Titans' had either been destroyed or were suffering at the hands of the Old Gods. When the Titans' had finally realized  what had happened to Azeroth they made their return, smiting the four Elemental Lords; Ragnaros, Therazane, Neptulon and Al'Akir. The Pantheon shattered the citadels of the Old Gods', causing a catastrophic war between the Old Gods' and the Titans. The Old God's were destroyed and imprisoned beneath the earth one by one. Rumors of a great Titan falling that day lived on, that Titan was Sargeras.
    The Curse of Flesh eventually became bound to the world of Azeroth, creating a link between the Old Gods' and Azeroth meaning if all the Old Gods' were to be killed; Azeroth would be annihilated. This is why the Pantheon imprisoned the Old Gods deep beneath the Earth. The spirits of the elements were allowed to settle, restoring balance and allowing Azeroth to sustain life. The Titans re-created the Earthen and gave the world defensive measures such as Titanic watchers and the Dargon Aspects; Neltharion, Alexstrasza, Malygos, Ysera and Nozdormu each with a power over a certain dominion of the world. Neltharion was charged with the dominion over Earth and all of the Deep places, Alexstrasza was charged with the dominion over all life, Malygos was given the dominion over all magic in the world, Ysera was charged with the dominion over Nature and as a guardian of  the Emerald Dream and finally Nozdormu was tasked with ensuring the flow of time happens correctly. 

    Whispers of the Old Gods

     Throughout the ages dark whispers filled with hatred have been heard by the mortals of Azeroth whispering to them, controlling them and even making them insane in some cases. One of the most well known victims to fall to the old gods is Neltharion who is now known as Deathwing; he was once a great, powerful Dragon Aspect instructed with the power over Earth, the Old Gods whispers eventually drove Neltharion to Insanity making him seek destruction of all life on Azeroth. 
    Queen Azshara, the queen of the Highbourne was rumored to heard the whispers of the Old God turning her and her people into the vile Naga, saving the Highbourne during the Sundering instead making them into the monstrosities they are today.

    Known Old Gods



    C'thun was the first of the Old Gods to be named, he was stuck down in Silithus during the war between the Old Gods and the Titans, he was believed to be of Slain permantly, but the Old God returned leading the Giqaji during the War of the Shifting Sands, he is the final boss of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj


    Yogg-Saron is the second Old God to be named, he can be found in Ulduar in his shattered prison, and was also revealed to be the reason for the substance of Saronite which turns out to be his very own blood. Yogg-Saron is the final boss of Ulduar


    N'Zath was revealed at Blizzcon to be a new Old God in the expansion; World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Chris Metzen revealed "he's the guy signing Deathwing's checks".

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