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    Elemental lord, master of the fire elementals. He rules over the core of Blackrock Mountain.

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    Ragnaros "The Fire Lord" is the final boss in the 40-man raid instance

    Molten Core


    World of Warcraft


    The Elemental Sundering was a war fought between all the of elemental lieutenants at the center of


    . During this war Ragnaros sought to consume Thunderaan, Prince of Air. Ragnaros was successful. Thunderaan was consumed by Ragnaros.

    As a servant to the Old Gods Ragnaros once sought power over the whole planet, he even fought the Titans to get what he wanted. Ragnaros failed, and the Titans banished him to Molten Core for him to remain imprisoned there for eternity.


    Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

    Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros is the weapon that Ragnaros uses in World of Warcraft. Along with Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (Thunderaan's blade) it was the only legendary weapon when WoW first launched. This can be obtained by WoW players, but it requires many different items and actions.

    Players must do the following to acquire Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros:

    • Receive a Sulfuron Ingot from Golemagg the Incinterator, the 7th boss in Molten Core, and turn it into Lokhtos Darkbargainer in Blackrock Depths. Sulfuron Ingot has roughly a 1 in 4 drop chance. Lokhtos Darkbargainer will then give you the schematics for Sulfuron Hammer.
    • Acquire all of the reagents for the Sulfuron Hammer, including 8 Sulfuron Ingot, and create it. The Sulfuron Hammer requires 300 blacksmithing to create.
    • Slay Ragnaros and receive the Eye of Sulfuras. The Eye of Sulfuras has roughly a 1 in 50 drop chance.
    • Combine the Eye of Sulfuras with the Sulfuron Hammer, this will create the legendary weapon, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

    Tier 1

    Molten Core also introduced the first gear set in World of Warcraft, named "Tier 1". Each class had it's own set that contained 8 pieces: a head, shoulder, chest, wrist, hands, waist, legs, and feet piece. Almost every boss in Molten Core dropped it's own piece, except Ragnaros who drops the Tier 2 legs. The rest of tier 2 was found in Blackwing Lair, except for the helm, which dropped off Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair

    The leg piece for each class, drop by Ragnaros:

    • Druid - Stormrage Legguards
    • Hunter - Dragonstalker Legguards
    • Mage - Netherwind Pants
    • Paladin - Judgement Legplates
    • Priest - Leggings of Transcendence
    • Rogue - Bloodfang Pants
    • Shaman - Legplates of Ten Storms
    • Warlock - Nemesis Leggings
    • Warrior - Legplates of Wrath


    Ragnaros can only be fought after you "defeat"

    Majordomo Executus

    , an elemental just below Ragnaros on the elemental hierarchy. Majordomo is only engageable if you have defeated every other boss in Molten Core. Once you take out Majorodomo's "adds" he will give up and retreat to Ragnaros' location. When you enter Ragnaros' room you will see Majordomo attempting to summon him.

    While summoning him, Majordomo says the following:

    "Behold, Ragnaros the Firelord! He who was ancient when this world was young! Bow before him mortals, bow before your ending!"

    Once Ragnaros is summoned the following dialouge occurs:

    • Ragnaros: Too soon, you have awakened me too soon Executus! What is the meaning of this intrusion?
    • Majordomo: These mortal infidels my lord, they have invaded your sanctum and seeked to steal your secrets.
    • Ragnaros: Fool! You allowed these insects to run rampid through the hollowed core? Now you lead them to my very lair?! You have failed me, Executus. Justice shall be met indeed.

    Ragnaros then proceeds to kill Majordomo, and says:

    "Now for you insects, boldly you sought the power of Ragnaros, now you shall see it first hand!"

    The Ragnaros boss encounter then begins.


    Ragnaros has plenty of famous quotes among WoW fans, and these lines of dialogue can't be played by entering certain scripts into the WoW textbox.

    Notable Ragnaros quotes, their scripts, and when they occur:

    • Quote: "By fire be purged!"
    • Script: /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSpecialAttack01.wav")
    • Occurs When: Ragnaros uses the attack "Hand of Ragnaros".

    • Quote: "My patience is dwindling! Come, gnats, to your death!"
    • Script: /script PlaySoundFile ("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSpecialAttack03.wav")
    • Occurs When: ?

    • Quote: Taste the flames of Sulfuron!"
    • Script: /script PlaySoundFile ("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSpecialAttack02.wav")
    • Occurs When: Ragnaros uses the attack "Wrath of Ragnaros".

    • Quote: "Die, insects!"
    • Script: /script PlaySoundFile ("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosSlay01.wav"
    • Occurs When: Ragnaros kills someone.

    • Quote: "Come forth my servants! Defend your master!"
    • Script: /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosReinforcements01.wav")
    • Occurs when: Ragnaros summons the Sons of Flames.
    • Quote: Muffled and Nasty Noises
    • Script: /script PlaySoundFile ("Sound\\Creature\\Ragnaros\\RagnarosDeath.wav")
    • Occurs When: Ragnaros dies.

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