Molten Core

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    The Molten Core is like the name implies, a molten core filled with lava and elementals of that element. It is located in the core of Blackrock Mountain.

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    Ragnaros - The final boss of Molten Core.
    Ragnaros - The final boss of Molten Core.
    A raid instance in World of Warcraft, commonly referred to as "MC". Molten Core was the first and only 40-man raid dungeon in World of Warcraft at the time of its initial release. It is located deep below Blackrock Mountain and is accessible via the 5-man instance, Blackrock Depths. Players are able complete an "attunement" quest that allows them to forego travelling through Blackrock Depths to reach the Molten Core, and instead use a shortcut located in the Blackrock Mountain hub area.

    Raid Encounters


    Molten Core was, together with Onyxia's Lair, the first instance in which Epic items would commonly drop. These included the entire Tier 1 armor sets, and leggings from the Tier 2 epic class armor sets.

    Class-Specific Tier 1 Sets

    • Druid - Cenarion Raiment
    • Hunter - Giantstalker Armor
    • Mage - Arcanist Regalia
    • Paladin - Lawbringer Armor
    • Priest - Vestments of Prophecy
    • Rogue - Nightslayer Armor
    • Shaman - Earthfury Raiment
    • Warlock - Felheart Raiment
    • Warrior - Battlegear of Might

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