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The title screen, selecting a mode.
The title screen, selecting a mode.
Tingle's Balloon Fight DS was released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in April of 2007. The game was developed and published by Nintendo. It was released only for Club Nintendo Platinum members, and is an arcade-style sequel to the NES game Balloon Fight. Basically, it is a face lift of the original Balloon Fight, with Tingle as the main character. Of note is the fact that this is the only Tingle game besides Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. The story of the game involves Tingle challenging the Balloon Fighting Spirit.


Stage 1
Stage 1
The gameplay of Tingle's Balloon Fight DS is very similar to that of the original Balloon Fight. There are three modes of gameplay: Balloon Fight, Balloon Fighting Spirit, and Balloon Trip. Balloon Fight is a single-player mode that has 99 stages that Tingle can play through. Balloon Fighting Spirit is a multiplayer version of Balloon Fight. Balloon Trip is a course that Tingle must navigate while trying to collect rupees.

By playing the game, the player can unlock artwork for viewing in the gallery. There are twenty pieces of artwork to be unlocked, which can be unlocked by completing certain modes and achieving high scores.

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