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Toadbert's first appearance was in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.


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The brothers Mario and their infant counterparts first run into him in Yoob's belly with shroombified eggs.  After escaping Yoob's belly, he spends the majority of the game on Yoshi's Island.  


Toadbert later appears in the third installation in the Mario and Luigi series, Bowser's Inside Story.  He is found swallowed up by Bowser. After being freed from an area in Bowser's body, Toadbert helps the Mario Bros. by scouting out areas of Bowser's body and often appears to instruct the brothers about the functions the various areas of Bowser's body. He also has a hint booth at Toad Square inside of Bowser.  
He ends almost every sentence in "by boogity".

Fun Facts

  • Toadbert shares commodities with the Blue Toad character from the Toad Brigade, being a blue-spotted cap Toad, knowledgeable, and sport thick reamed glasses.
  • Toadbert shares similarities a Toad resident in Paper Mario; Russ T.
  • Toadbert's partner Toadiko makes no consistent appearance in the Mario & Luigi series sequel continuing in  Bowser's Inside Story.

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