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Most Toads have red dots on their caps, but other colors occur frequently. Toads are also known to panic in stressful situations.


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Similar to Yoshi's incident with species, the Toads are a breed that have great similarities in detail. Character Toads without a given name have troubles with their generic appearances to their species. The most commonly known Toads are the characters Toad and Toadette.


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Toads' introductory debut into the Mario series games were spotted within Super Mario Bros. where the species are defined as the Mushroom People and those that brought service to the Royals became known as the Mushroom Retainers.

These species were identified as Toads. Throughout the entire series the Toad colonies have been captured by the swarms of Goobas and Koopa Troopas that serve as lackeys under the advisory of King Bowser.

Characteristics and Traits

Toads are generally personified with peaceful characteristics and are seemingly blissful assisting any of the Mushroom Universe heroes whenever their limited help is in need.

Special Appearances

The Toads appear part of the Super Mario Bros. 3 running the Toad's Houses which initiate mini-games

Fun Facts

Toads in the Super Mario Galaxy beta sport star-spotted mushroom caps replacing their recognizable circle-spotted caps. These Toads were preference as the affiliated alliance of Rosalina.


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