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    Tom Sheldon

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    An American operative and recurring character in the Just Cause series.

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    Tom Sheldon is a recurring character in the Just Cause series. He is presented as a stereotypical Texan with a fondness for all things American - including shooting and barbecues.

    Allied with a U.S. organization simply referred as the Agency, Tom Sheldon acts as an official handler who provides key intel relating to a nation's corrupt regime for Rico Rodriguez.

    Just Cause

    In the original game, Sheldon is stationed in San Esperito waiting for the arrival of Rico Rodriguez. After arriving via parachute, Rico must protect Sheldon from an attack. The two make their way to an Agency safehouse and are greeted by Maria Kane. From there, Rico must gather intel on the two main factions of San Esperito - the guerillas and the Rioja cartel.


    • Tom Sheldon is voiced by Richard McGonagle in the original Just Cause, Vincent Marzello in Just Cause 2, Bill Lobley in Just Cause 3, and Bradford Hastings in Just Cause 4.
    • His character is presumably based on CIA agent Jack Wade from the James Bond series.

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