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Puts the 'action' in Action-RPG

Runic takes the 'action' in this action-RPG to a new level of mayhem. Take a look at what makes Torchlight II such a high-octane experience and why that intense focus on the action puts it in a category of its own.


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    Making Repetition Fun 0

    Call me a hipster, but I did not enjoy Diablo 3. Granted, there's no real way you can objectively call Diablo 3 a terrible game, but I still couldn't enjoy it. The problem I find with this particular genre, that being isometric ARPGs, is that they are very repetitive just by nature alone. The combat is overtly simple, as a lot of the time you just mash the mouse keys and two or three keys on your keypad, if the situation really calls for it. Taking the boredom out of the repetition is where Torc...

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    One of the Best Diablo-Likes Out There 0

    So, chances are you have played a game like Torchlight II, as the game itself is very iteraitve of the tried-and-true Diablo formula. If that is the case, when why in the world would you play Torchlight II?Simple: Torchlight II has streamlined the experience. It takes a lot of the annoying/boring things about the genre, and either eliminates it or makes it less time consuming. Inventory full? Slap it on your pet and sent it town. Out of potions or identifying scrolls? Your pet can pick them up ...

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