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    A mining town found in the Runic developed game Torchlight.

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    The Town of Torchlight is build atop of a mine and is completely dependent on it. When the mine dries out the people will most likely move on and the town slowly falls apart.  In the game Torchlight, the mine has been overrun by monsters and your character has come to try and save it. There is a portal that can take you to certain way points in a dungeon and a chest that works like a bank.
      It is the only town in the game Torchlight.


     Torchlight is home to the usual RPG staples: A merchant, a blacksmith, an enchanter, a gem seller, some miners, and a few quest-givers. It is also home to a magical, powerful, mysterious horse, two goblins, a transmuter, and a mysterious magic-item seller.  


     Torchlight has a Waygate portal for fast travelling to waygates that have been unlocked in the main dungeon.  The town also has a fishing hole for fishing.    

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