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Toukon Retsuden 4 was developed by Yukes, and is mainly focused on providing a realistic representation of professional wrestling.  Toukon Retsuden's presentation is similar to real life broadcasts, including crowd noise and extravagant introductions.  The gameplay found in Toukon Retsuden is vastly different from traditional American/Japanese wrestling games.   


Toukon Retsuden is controlled by using the D-pad.  However, the game does utilize analog control during specific lock-up situations.  The game has three main attacks: strike moves (A), power moves (B), and submission moves (Y).  Strikes beat power moves, power moves beat submissions, and submission moves beat strikes.  If both a move is performed at the same time, the higher classed attack will prevail. Players can also run by pressing the X button and appeal to the crowd (L R triggers).  As with traditional wrestling games, when an opponent takes damage, he will become groggy and dazed.  This can make performing powerful finishing moves a lot easier.  Each wrestler has three critical combos, which inflict huge amounts of damage when performed on opponents.

Game Modes
  • Exhibition Match
  1. single match
  2. tag match
  3. battle royal
  4. tournament
  5. league
  6. elimination match
  • IWGP Title Challenges 
  1. Heavyweight (single/tag)
  2. Juniors (single/tag)
  • Series Match
  1. G1 Climax
  2. SG Tag league
  3. Best of super juniors
  4. Super junior atg league
  • Challenge the burning spirits
  1. Single
  2. Tag
  • Edit
  • Internet
  • Profiles
  • Options
  1. Computer difficulty level 
  2. Ring entrances
  3. Name display
  4. move display
  5. vibration
  6. HP and strength display
  7. Tag marker
  8. Camera Point
  9. Sound
  10. Background Music
  11. Background music volume
  12. Sound effects volume
  • Tokyo A (Tokyo Dome)
  • Tokyo B
  • Tokyo C
  • Yokohama
  • Osaka A
  • Osaka B
  • Sapporo

New Japan(heavyweights):
  1. Riki Choshu
  2. Yuji Nagata
  3. Kensuke Sasaki
  4. Masa Saito 
  5. Shinya Hashimoto
  6. Tatsumi Fujinami
  7. Shiro Koshinaka
  8. Kengo Kimura
  9. Junji Hirata
  10. Osamu Kido
  11. Kazuo Kido
  12. Takashi Iiuzuka
  13. Manabu Nakanishi
  14. Tadao Yasuda
  15. Tatsutoshi Goto
  16. Michiyoshi Ohara
  17. Power Warrior
  18. Seji Sakaguchi
  19. Tanaka
  20. Tiger Hattori
NWO Japan:
  1. Masahiro Chono
  2. Keiji Mutoh
  3. Great Muta
  4. Hiro Saito
  5. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
  6. Satoshi Kojima
  7. AKIRA
  1. Genichiro Tenryu
  2. Don Frye
  3. Atsushi Onita
  1. Naoya Ogawa
  2. Antonio Inoki
  1. Jyushin Lyger
  2. El Samurai
  3. Kohji Kanemoto
  4. Shinjiro Ohtani
  5. Kendo Kashin
  6. Tastsuito Takaiwa
  7. Dr. Wagner Jr.
  8. The great sasuke
  9. Dragon Kid
  10. Sasuke


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