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    Trials Evolution

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Apr 18, 2012

    The follow up to the best-selling hit Trials HD, Trials Evolution takes motorcycle platforming to a whole new level of ridiculousness.

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    Polished, addictive and packed full of content, XBLA perfection. 3

    Trials Evolution is the perfect XBLA game, the result of seven years of refinement to the groundbreaking downloadable medium that is Live Arcade. It is not only one of the most polished titles on the service, but it's also a more complete package than many physical, £40 titles. I've still got at least another three or four paragraphs to go of this review and I'm already struggling to think of anything I don't like about this game. I'll give it my best try.If you're familiar with XBLA, chances ar...

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    An improvement that builds upon an already great Trials HD 0

    For those of you who played Trials HD, you will basically know what you are getting into in this sequel, but that’s not to say the game hasn’t changed at all. Trials Evolution features the same challenging, and often times frustrating, dirt bike obstacle course gameplay as the previous game, with added multiplayer and a larger variety in the locations and layouts of tracks to make for a more complete experience. Trials Evolution will keep you replaying tracks over and over to either just complet...

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    Sequel with a change of direction 0

    Trials HD was, and probably still is one of the best games on Xbox Live Arcade. Not only is it my most played game on the platform, but it also broke every sales record there is on XBLA. People loved Trials HD and that love was further cemented with two satisfying DLC packs. But even those were not enough for some. Come Trials Evolution...By the point Trials Evolution arrived I was entirely done with Trials HD. Each track and skill game was done to my absolute best and by the numbers I was large...

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    Trials Evolution 0

    Something about a wildly convoluted obstacle course taps directly into my brain's pleasure center. Growing up, watching Nickelodeon game shows like "Legends of the Hidden Temple" made me painfully jealous. I was certain I could do better than those kids on TV. I knew how to put the Shrine of the Silver Monkey together . The dozens of enormous obstacle courses in 2009's "Trials HD" were no substitute for a temple run, but they kept me chasing platinum medals for months after the game's release. A...

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    Trails Evolution Gold edition beta impresions 2

    When I first saw this on steam, I was exited. This was one of the few games that made me debate my choice of choosing a PS3 over an Xbox just because of its re-playability. seeing this game finally arrive to steam was exiting, so I got the download and beta and have developed my opinions after a few hours. This I a game that is great for new players (like myself). It has a progression system that feels just right, by the time you've learned about the interface and have a feel for the controls, i...

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    Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. Style, Skill and Sick Jumps 0

    Trials is Awesome.If you haven't played Trials, its a side-scrolling motorcycle driving game where you control only the throttle, the brake and the ability shift the rider's weight forward and back (so as to tilt the motorcycle up or down). Using this simple control scheme you are tasked with completing time trials through obstacle courses. You go as fast as you reasonably can while navigating jumps, dips, uneven terrain and other obstacles. Its what Excitebike grew up to be.Trials: Evolution Go...

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    Explore a new island of pain 0

    Millions of gamers have enjoyed Trials HD and its sequel Evolution, and been hard at work creating thousands of new tracks everyday. RedLynx trickled in their own tracks here and there, and have now released the first pack for the game which not only features new tracks to ride around on, but also new skill games, a new island to play on, and the introduction of a BMX bike to use. For $5, you'll be getting a good amount of content that comes with new tools for creators that want to utilize the n...

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    Intelligent Design 0

    Having not played Trials HD, I entered this with more than a little trepidation. My only real experience with the franchise had been watching vids of people trying to crack the game's dirty secrets... Which was enough to lead me to the trial of Trials Evolution... Which was enough to lead me to the game.The game. Well, the mechanics are a dream, the gameplay is simple and immediate while also managing to pull off a depth and complexity that ensures that, even at its most basic, there is always c...

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    The perfect skill game 0

    Okay here's the deal if you played and liked Trials HD then stop reading this review and buy Trials Evolution because it is exactly what you want from a sequel. Everyone else, please continue (what follows is a review for the non-OCD non-hardcore gamer).Trials Evolution is at its core a pretty simple skill game. You are trying to maneuver your rider + bike through a series of 2D obstacle courses while trying to hold the balance. This may sound simple on the paper but is surely easier said than d...

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    "GODDAMN IT!" Trials Evolution Review 0

    originally posted on KnownGriefers.com"GODDAMN IT!" Trials Evolution ReviewYears after the release of Trials HD, RedLynx has unleashed another monster upon Xbox Live Arcade. Trials Evolution is the next step for the franchise, and a true "EVOLUTION" of the...ugh. Nevermind, I'm not even going to sink low enough to make that pun. Trials Evolution is a goddamned son of a bitch, and I mean that in the best way possible.At i...

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    Too Much Flash, Not Enough Substance 4

    I've been putting this review off for about a week now, not because I think it's going to be a difficult review to write, but because it's probably going to be a pretty easy one... In a sad way.The original Trials (Trials HD) was awesome, difficult but awesome. The game was the most popular game on XBLA by a pretty wide margin, beating out games like Castle Crashers, Geometry Wars and Limbo. The game seemed to resonate with, shall we say, more mainstream audiences for a reason that's actually no...

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    Trials Evolution Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 0

    Trials Evolution ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerTrials Evolution is an XBLA game developed by RedLynx and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Trials Evolution is a 2.5D puzzle racing game where you guide a motorcycle man through a physics based obstacle course in order to reach the finish line of each stage. Trials Evolution is the sequel to Trials HD an XBLA title based off a popular flash game series on the PC. Does Trials Evolution capture what made the first game such a hit while evolving on ...

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    Trials by fire 0

    Trials Evolution is the sequel to one of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade titles and it incorporates everything from Trials HD to create a game everyone can enjoy. With an expansive editor, multiplayer, and track sharing, Evolutions has some serious replayability.RedLynx has created a set of great default tracks that slowly ramp up in difficulty, as well as license tests which have two purposes: explain new mechanics to complete harder tracks and provide a new bike which is tailored to the upco...

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    On the Origin of Wheelies 0

    Trials Evolution is a title that may sound aggrandized, but Red Lynx makes good on the implication. True, the newest entry to the moto-obstacle, punishment simulator does play the same as the last: drive on a 2D plane and use only gas, breaks, and leaning to pass through a gauntlet of obstacles and jumps for medals. Only those who truly squeezed HD for all its juice will feel the near imperceptible changes made to bike control and driver strength--the last unlockable bike is much more squirrelly...

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