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Give it a pass

The Concept: Once again, this game also tries to do something new with the genre. In this case, the concept is to make a match-three-or-more puzzle game with levels based around your music. Multipliers and combos can be built up by triggering the groups of blocks in time with the game's tempo.

The Good: Supports most open media formats (.mp3, .ogg, .wav), as well as Audio CDs. It also has individual leader-boards for songs over going by song-length. The rising-and-falling blocks puzzles work really well, and I kind of like the game's mouse controls – on easy.

The Bad: Proprietary song formats (read – Apple) aren't supported, so if you're been ripping your songs in a higher quality Apple audio format, you'll have to convert them to mp3. Also, difficulty in this game doesn't scale very well. A song that I did well on in regular I failed outright, and fairly early in the song. Additionally, you can't adjust the screen resolution in full screen, so you're either playing windowed or full screen at a very low resolution.

Verdict: Give this one a pass.

Recommended Music: Slower paced, longer music actually works better for this then techno, metal, or any really faster paced pieces. In particular, classical music should work well. 

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