Twisted Metal

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 14, 2012

    The long-running tournament-based vehicular manslaughter simulator returns with this new entry, exclusive to the Playstation 3.

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    Car Combat returns, along with the 90's. 0

    Despite only three characters, all the classic vehicles are available.I immediately felt at home when I started playing Twisted Metal. Car Combat has taken a far too long hiatus. Twisted Metal is virtually everything I want a car combat game to be. Over-the-top action, check. 90’s track list to include Rob Zombie, check. Fast as hell 60 FPS combat, check. David Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play have crafted a love letter to the genre, presenting well-balanced gameplay and some of the best act...

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    Not The Twisted Metal We Remember and Love. 0

    Twisted Metal is surprisingly Sony's longest running franchise, which blows my mind considering in almost twenty years, there are only six games in the main series (we don't really have to count that psp game do we?). Twisted Metal is also a franchise that has laid dormant since 2001. Sony doesn't have too many killer app franchises left exclusive to their system, so a new high profile Twisted Metal game seems like a win win situation for everyone. And while I found some enjoyment in playing the...

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    Old School 0

    Pros:-Insanely fast and fun paced game play-Great old school feel-Weapons are all fun and unique and feel powerful-Game runs at a sweet and smooth constant 60 fps-AI is great and provides a brutal challenge-Multiplayer is addicting (when the online portion works)-One of the best game soundtracks out there-A good variety of different game play types-Vehicles control great and feel unique (once you get used to them)Cons:-Online has matchmaking and server issues-Campaign is a bit short-Storyline is...

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    If Clint Eastwood Was a Video Game 0

    Twisted Metal, the reboot of the classic and beloved Sony franchise, is basically Clint Eastwood. Like Clint Eastwood, the core of Twisted Metal is absolutely stunning, refined, and badass. But even though Clint Eastwood is an astounding individual, one can't help but feel disappointed that something so fantastic is housed inside such an old body. And true to the analogy, Twisted Metal has fantastic core gameplay that is wrapped inside of poor, dated, and wrinkly design decisions and production....

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    A time capsule from the 90's. 0

    Car combat is almost non existent in this day and age, the most we get to see car combat is with Mario Kart's Battle mode and even that is nowhere near as good as it was originally. No back in the days of the PS1/PS2 they were quite popular, leading the charge was the Twisted Metal series of games and for good reason. They were a lot of fun to play and were really the best games of the genre. But Twisted Metal - along with the whole genre - seemed to have just faded away into nothingness. The ga...

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