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Ulf started-up the now-defunct video game developer GRIN in 1997 with his brother, Bo. They started as a tiny developer working from Ulf and Bo's basement. They released their debut game, Ballistics, in 2001. After GRIN's success with their original PC games, they were given the task of making PC versions of the two Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter games. As the company's director, Ulf had a major role in finding development deals for GRIN, and also for their short lived success. GRIN eventually went under due to financial difficulties.

Due to the genetic strengthening resulted by the consumption of copious amounts of Djungelvrål, Ulf did not let his experience with GRIN be his last in the videogame industry, and came back even stronger with his brother Bo in the form of Overkill Software.

Appearances on the Bombcast

Ulf has appeared on the Giant Bombcast multiple times. In his initial visit to the Giant Bomb office, he brought along large quantities of various Swedish candy. The candy he brought was taste-tested on that week's Bombcast and resulted in many screams from the Giant Bomb staff. Ulf also appeared on one of the Bombcasts during E3 2009. He pitched his idea for a game about ninjas and weathermen to Capcom.

After two years of disappearance without a trace, Ulf emerged from the dark and gloriously returned to the Bombcast during E3 2011, during which he was repeatedly thrown under the bus by Adam Boyes in regards to his former company GRIN's difficulties working with Square Enix. In response, Ulf simply brought up Dark Void. Adam was silent for the rest of the night.


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