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Vault 34 is one of the experimental Vaults installed by Vault-Tec. As part of the experiment, that Vault's armory was loaded with ammo and weapons. When the Vault became overpopulated, the Overseer had his terminal linked to the armory door so that only he could open it. Soon, a major revolt sprung up inside the Vault. The residents demanded access to the armory, claiming that they had the right to defend themselves. Several major components of the Vault were damaged, including the reactor. Disaster struck when radiation began seeping through the halls, and eventually almost everyone succumbed to radiation poisoning. According to the Boomers, they left the Vault because they were denied access to the armory and the ability to use explosives inside. 
Two side quests in Fallout: New Vegas require the player to enter the Vault. One involves taking care of the reactor inside and another involves retrieving the Pulse Gun within as part of Veronica's follower quest. Players should be aware that no part of the entire Vault is radiation free, and it is populated by Feral ghouls (including Glowing Ones) who will attack on site. However, the journey through is well worth it for the armory, which, when unlocked, will give the player access to a multitude of weapons including submachine guns, a Marksman Carbine, and more.

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