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Vertrix 2 is freeware game developed by the French duo  Cédric Castel & Denis Trebbi.
Vertrix plays as a game of columns with a bit of action in the form of power ups you can throw your opponents, such as indestructible blocks, adding more lines to his board, increasing their speed, etc, or to defend yourself such as bombs to erase columns, remove rows from your board, remove indestructible pieces from your board, etc.
Each time you do 10 lines, you go up one level and one speed and with the first 4 levels you gain new tiers of power ups. When ever you do 3 combos you can use a random power up identified by a colour. Each time you have to choose one of the tree appearing colours at random and their the game will use a random tier power up from that colour.
The game ends when one player reaches the top (loss) or reaches level 10 (win).

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