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Edited By xombi242

nice! I Like how they did the cel shading. It's looking good.
Its not much though seeing as the dev time was like an eternity.

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Posted By flashdim

Hell's yeah.  I'd hit it.

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Posted By Murdouken

Getting a serious Borderlands vibe. Just a more bloody Borderlands vibe.

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Edited By MrKlorox

I thought this game was canceled. Hope it doesn't suck.
+points for metal

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Posted By Milkman

This looks kind of bad.

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Posted By DrewHughes

Visually I'm reminded of Borderlands...

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Posted By skrutop

Looks like a bad version of Dante's Inferno.

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Posted By The_Laughing_Man

This game has been in the works for a long long time.... 
Also who is the voice of the mask..sounds familiar. 

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Posted By HatKing

Eh... weird.
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Posted By JoeyRavn
@DrewHughes said:
" Visually I'm reminded of Borderlands... "
Yeah, I was thinking it does look like Borderlands. A sort of Borderlands-visuals-meet-God-of-War-style-and-MadWorld's-violence games.
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Posted By MrKlorox
@The_Laughing_Man said:
" who is the voice of the mask..sounds familiar.  "
I also thought it sounded familiar. I'm sure I've heard the actor in dozens of cartoons since the 90's.
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Posted By Pop

Keep the gorey games coming <3333333

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Posted By RE_Player1

Loks better than what they showed a year ago

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Posted By CoolDrMoney
@skrutop said:
" Looks like a bad version of Dante's Inferno. "
How's that even possible
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Posted By ZmillA

40 bucks and im interested

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Posted By Santar

Ugh, not liking the cel shadesque outlines on this one. I think it looked much better without it.

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Posted By glitznglam_style

Yeah, $40 for this and both of the original Splatterhouse's on the disc sounds more than fair. 
Of course, though, they'll try to get $60 for it and fail miserably.
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Posted By hermes

This actually looks... interesting.  

I know, I am as surprised as you are.
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Posted By skrutop
@CoolDrMoney said:
" @skrutop said:
" Looks like a bad version of Dante's Inferno. "
How's that even possible "
They found a way, man.  They found a way.
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Edited By noe

I'll still probably get it, but I kind of wish they didn't use the cell shading. It looked more gruesome without it.

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Posted By spaceturtle

Hah! This should be a fun release.

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Posted By ChernobylCow

Seems like a video-game-ass video game premise.  Might be fun.

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Posted By SnakeEyes327
That doesn't even make sense.
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Posted By Landon
This looks kinda fun.
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Posted By Manhattan_Project

Yeah, this still seems boring.

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Posted By LOZZAT

I.... am interested. At least he has some sort of valid motivation, they are demony things, his girlfriend and all that, and the fact that his guts were all over the floor until the mask offered him otherwise... oh and all that blood... mmm... if this doesn't cost masses, count me in!

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Posted By MysteriousBob

They showed Rick's face? 
Damn, they broke the unwritten law of Splatterhouse. 
Anyway, this series so far is one my cult favourites. I'll get this just for the inclusion of SH1, 2 and 3.

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Posted By RipTheVeins

Maybe if I was 13 again..

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Posted By LiquidSwords

ITT: People who have never heard of the original

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Posted By Tesla

This would be amazing as a downloadable game.  As it stands now I'll rent it.

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Posted By bobdude1234

Looks pretty cool, please don't suck.

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Posted By warfather

I am deeply concerned they went too looney tunes with art style and sound effects.

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Posted By VWGTI

The gameplay looks very dated. I'm unimpressed.

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Posted By jonnyboy

Listen up EA, Capcom, Ubisoft, well all of you at this point, THIS is how you do bonus content. It doesn't matter when I buy it, whose store you've inked a pre order deal with, whether I buy it new, and definitely not fucking 'Locked On-disc Premium content'. 
Well done Namco, whatever people may think about the old Splatterhouse games, at least now they can say they've actually played them.

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Posted By Junpei

was beginning to question this games existence it had been so long since they've shown anything...
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Posted By Brodehouse

Can you punch the demons into the wall?  Because until then, I'm not int- oh, you can.  Awesome.  Great.   Pre-ordering now.
Who's the mask's voice?  Sounds like Steve Blum.
Also, the heavy line-art style graphics and masked shirtless dudes just make me think of Borderlands.

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Posted By Besetment
@Brodehouse said:
 Who's the mask's voice?  Sounds like Steve Blum.  
My first thought was Jim Cummings (Disney's Pete), but you may be right.
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Edited By Olivaw
@Besetment said:

" @Brodehouse said:

 Who's the mask's voice?  Sounds like Steve Blum.  
My first thought was Jim Cummings (Disney's Pete), but you may be right. "
Nah, definitely not Steve Blum. A bit too smooth and not gravelly enough. I do recognize it, though. I've heard him do commercials before.
Anyway this looks pretty cool! Neat to see a horror game with this sort of exaggerated aesthetic. I never got to play the original Splatterhouse, though.
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Posted By fox01313

Woot, so glad this sequel/revision didn't get lost (when it switched studios) as it looks awesome.

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Posted By zityz

I loved the first 3 splatterhouse games. I don't remember If i ever beat one before when i was a kid. Maybe 3.

This is looking awesome.

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Posted By baggykins

rated M for Metal?

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Posted By Psykhophear

Sold me :)

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Posted By dancinginfernal
@skrutop said:
" Looks like a bad version of Dante's Inferno. "
In order for that logic to work, Dante's Inferno has to be good. 
And honestly, the gameplay looks nothing like it.
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Posted By John1912

Yea, kinda cool trailer.  Im standing on the fence on what to say about it.  Hope it turns out to be a good game, but not holding my breath, and doubt ill touch it unless it gets solid 8 reviews.

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Edited By CornBREDX

Splatter house featuring the voice of Jim Cummings? I'm TOTALLY SOLD! Hell YA!
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Posted By TackleMeElmo

I'm glad this thing made it, I was worried after hearing a while back about a beta disc of it being hocked online.  http://worthplaying.com/article/2010/1/14/news/71532/
Gallons O' Blood + Creepy Mask + SH1-3...count me in.

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Posted By MeatSim

I don't think that chick is worth all the trouble.

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