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Peter Moore is the man.

I think Ryan was working his questions off his phone. I know I would.

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Nice interview. I think Peter Moore could sell me half eaten food. He sounds so genuine and appropriately enthusiastic, and just barely skirts questions without sounding weasely.

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Posted By MeatSim

Should have had him show you his Halo and GTA tattoos.

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If i had my questions on my phone, I would totally let the person know that I am using my phone for my questions so they know beforehand that I'll be looking at it and if Ryan was using his phone, he probably told Peter what he was doing.

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he was a P.E teacher. Awesome

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No SSX? D:


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Peter Moore: A man of 2% eye contact and 98% charisma.

Really good interview though.

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Excellent interview Ryan.

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ABBA Gold has sold 26 million copies... so not only can 1million people be wrong, but 26 million can be to.

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Ryan your better than that man.

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I really liked that interview, but have always thought peter moore has quite a sinister appearence, seemed a reallly nice guy in the interview, knew what he was talking about, i guess he has been in the industry for quite along time

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Posted By AspiringAndy

Peter Moore is awesome, he is so genuine.
I enjoyed that, keep the interviews coming.
I think that I'll get either the Tennis or Golf for the wii when it comes out in June, the WiiMotion Plus seems to be what the Wii was originally marketed to be.

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great interview...hoping too see more...im looking at Peter Mol...lol

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Peter More is the man.

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Posted By RazielCuts

How unprofessional it is to be at your phone when doing an interview.

 Should be off, or given to someone to hold, out of site out of mind, when interviewing anyone let alone when interviewing a gaming legend like Peter Moore. 

Shows a little more respect and common courtesy.  
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If Ryan had the questions on his iphone I don't think it is an issue he had it out and I'm sure he let Peter Moore know that.  Would have been nice maybe if the camera had been in closer while he was checking it out so you couldn't see it but I don't think it is a big deal if he was reading the questions off of it.

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At RazielCuts, GET A FRICKEN LIFE YOU DWEEB! Legend? Let's remember we are talking about games. It is MOST CERTAINLY NOT A BIG DEAL. Jesus, GiantBomb is doing the best they can to keep in contact with the user base instead of others who completely cut them off in exchange for professionalism. GiantBomb is doing the balancing act, and to me that is a great thing. These guys are "Straight Up." there's no beating around the bush. Learn to love it.

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Great interview, I laughed when I saw Ryan was checking his iPhone.

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great interview! very informative

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Great Interview Ryan!

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Apparently people aren't allowed to look at questions cards (iphone) during interviews anymore.  Here's a hint:  it happens all the time.

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Peter Moore almost makes me want to repurchase a wii to replace the one I traded in, almost.

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I think peter has been living in america to long he's got that weird trans atlantic Twang to his accent now.

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Man, I never knew Peter Moore was so cool.

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Great interview, very enjoyable =)

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Haha look at Ryan on his iPhone. I lol'd there. Still, that was a damn fine interview, Ryan. Good job.

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Posted By Ryan

To bring an end to the raging speculation, it's true, I had my interview notes on my phone, hence the glances downward. I agree with the sentiments that it would be better if you didn't see that, but I'm just not that good an interviewer.

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Hell of an interview of Ryan!

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Wow, what a guy!  Get him to do a guest bombcast!

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Posted By Light_Bahamut

"Bigger things to wrry about", eh? Preposterous sir!

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Whoo, Peter Moore! My cousin and I actually met him at an airport last summer.

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If the Wii motion Plus holds out well, looks like I may actually have to pick up a golf game.

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Ryan its ok we still love you 

Notes are notes  : )
This is the digital world and people should get used to the fact that an iphone looks more proffestional then pieces of paper  : P
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Nah, you're good Ryan.  Ignore the haters.

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Posted By ThomasP

Great interview.

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i actually met him at an airport. If you want to read about it, check out my blog.

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Great interview Ryan

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great stuff, 2 laidback dudes. :D

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Unfortunately, Mid-30's Woman is my only interested demographic.

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Big Brian Eckberg, at the 0.06 mark!

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Fantastic interview Ryan. : )

Motion-Plus is sounding really good, both Tiger Woods and Tennis are looking to be really good games.

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Posted By Berkie

Gotdammit Ryan, you don't look at yer phone when talking to the likes of Peter Moore, Peter Molyneux, maybe, but not Moore! Just kidding, I still luv ya! Peter Moore should be grateful to be talking to you!

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Peter Moore was a PE teacher?  Weird dude.

Oh great interview BTW.  :D

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Posted By cyrax

That better have been an emergency Ryan. Serious etiquette wtf.

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Posted By HarrySound

A PE teacher?
Is there anything this man can't do?

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YOU ASKED ABOUT SSX!!!  I'm just curious who at Giant Bomb is super-crazy-in-love with SSX 3!!!

Or were you asking it for me?  = D
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I wish Ryan asked if Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be in this game. I love the Fight Night Series.

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Posted By Smersh
I always muddle Molyneux & Moore.
Thank god for the delete comment button GiantBomb, now noone knows I'm an idiot.

The guys who name sports games are about as original in there thinking as the guys behind porn titles - / yawn.

Ps. Populus was a great game, regardless of the relavance.

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Posted By jag

Peter Moore has gone an amazing job of turning around EA Sports.