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Bark bark?

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It's straight up Dogg time.

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Yes Ryan and Jeff!

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Download the video, quality: HIGH.

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I really hope they answer the biggest question: Why this is not called Way of the Lion.

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"Put the smoke effect in the background - that comes with unity" - Ryan.

Stoked to watch this.


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Where's Scoops Dogg?

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This is either the greatest game ever or the worst game.

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Is Unity the new SpeedTree for GiantBomb?

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@abendlaender said:

I really hope they answer the biggest question: Why this is not called Way of the Lion.

Gotta leave something for the sequel.

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Boop. Boop. Boop. Beep. Exciting! That Snoop info box was really helpful though. I was super confused over the Dogg/Lion deal before.

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Ahhhhh funniest in a while...

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The reading of the "deep lore" in this game was unbelievably funny.

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How coincidental that when Geoff mentioned Snoop Dogg only associating with the top brands like Cadillac there is a Cadillac advertisement at the top of the Giantbomb webpage.

I guess this signifies Giantbomb's high class. Right up there with rappers.

I actually had hopes of this game being decent, but after seeing the quick look it is clear to me that is isn't so much of a rhythm game as it is a button pressing game. The button pressing barely follows the rhythm of the instruments or the lyrics. At least they managed to get Snoop's name on the title. Might get a few sales from that.

I also feel this game would be incomplete if there is no Wu Tang Clan cameo.

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I thought this was going to be another Sleepy Dawgs quicklook! But I guess there are two g's in that doggy "dogg" there.

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This game seems like doggshit...I'll see myself out.

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It would be great if this game was good, kind of a May 4th miracle. In these troubling times, I think we deserve it.

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Weekend content... whaaaaaaaaaat? havent seen this in a while

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Wow, that snoop character description is fantastic.

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Is this the 'Trapped in the Closet' of video games?

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Seems like a formidable flash game.

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How long that fuckin' Snoop description is!?

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Man, you guys need to get some new microphones because the audio is fucked up.

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Remember Def Jam New York? So many years spent fighting Snoop Dogg :D

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How many 'Bombers catch the "Beverly Hills Cop" reference at 2:28?

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Is it just me or is the audio really bad? Especially Ryan mic sounds terrible

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@scalpel said:

Man, you guys need to get some new microphones because the audio is fucked up.

Thanks, I was hoping that wasn't my speakers dieing or something weird with my computer.

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Looks bad and not in a good way. Censoring the songs seems dumb too.

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Unfortunately not a Quick Look Ex with Snoop Lion.

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this game seems fine for the price!!! would be a fun friday night with some buddies

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Awesome surprise QL. This game is really...something else. Jeff reading the Snoop bio at the end was hilarious, though.

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@north6 said:

@scalpel said:

Man, you guys need to get some new microphones because the audio is fucked up.

Thanks, I was hoping that wasn't my speakers dieing or something weird with my computer.

The audio in general has been really iffy lately, this is far worse than normal but yeah.

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I thought he was Snoop Lion now?

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It was definitely the green.

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I thought he was Snoop Lion now?

I'm no expert, but apparently the Rastafarian church told him to cut that shit out, since they a) believe it's just a marketing stunt that's not really giving the faith the best rep and b) the lion is a holy symbol and using it in this particular context sounds somewhat blasphemous (as in "Goddamn" or invoking the Lord's name when you hurt yourself). I may be wrong, though.

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Sure the game sucks, but the lore is fantastic

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SO is way of the dogg better than that wu-tang fightinh game???

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GTA font = The Price is Right font.

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Yo, this is the realest tutorial homey. We got tha clicktrack like in tha booth my nizzle. Hit dem buttons foo'!

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I wish there had been an Elite Beat Agents sequel...

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I'm in!

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Jeff reading that long ass text was a moment to be cherished forever.

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Time to break out the gin and juice!

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How horrifying.