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Is that....AVATAR RYAN?!

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Love me some worms!

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I remembe Worms 2 for the PC.  Man that was a fun game.

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TheGremp and Ryans avatar say "Yay!"

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i <3 this game. It's pretty awesome on the iPhone too. :)

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"I thought I could get away from that mine, I was wrong!"
Should've done a barrel roll.

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I don't remember the voices being this annoying.

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ha! Jeff kicked his own ass

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Origanal worms on the PC and PS1 is the best version still.

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Student Dave!

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I used to not like worms but after playing scorched earth numerous times, with half of the class last year during my Economics class, I think I could enjoy worms.

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12ish bucks for more worms? Couldnt this of been DLC

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My name's Grant :D

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I loved Worms Armageddon on the PC. And griefing one another by pressing the space bar during each other's turn.

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I remember playing the demo of the original Worms for ages in Windows DOS. Glad to see that Worms still hasn't lost that sense of fun destruction.

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Jeff and Ryan avatars in a Quick Look? Instant win.

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Any news on the PC version release date?

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"Ohh, weird colored worms"


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Cool, worms is great!

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Why is it so zoomed out

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My first Worms experience was on Mega Drive/Genesis, the one I spent most time with was Worms 1 on PS, but the best IMO was the original Worms 2 (not armageddon which I consider to be worms 3)

only Super Sheep! That's the way to go ^^

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I bought this the day it came out.
And so far it's the only LIVE game I've bothered to play online in a long time.
Because it's an even playing field... madness happens to both
players at random, which makes it fun every time.

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Just got Worms on the IPod and it's awesome!

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bought the game and its great fun, you'll easily lose a couple of hours playing a few rounds

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Always thought the voices were great on Worms 2, but those voices just made me cringe.

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The voices are one of the best parts, Jeff. You crazy.
I like me some Worms and bought the first one so I'll probably pick this up.

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Wasn't the first Worms $10 and subsequently dropped to $5?

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@ecksbawksUser said:
" Why is it so zoomed out "
Because they hit the "Zoom out" button early on, and never pressed it again to zoom in.
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At least this is 2D.  I think all these Artillery games sort of lose their magic when you have to focus on too complex a trajectory.  At least so far.... :)

And thanks to Ryan, I finally understand the title of the China Syndrome :)  (Never saw it)

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Yeah the first Worms was not $15 it was $10 and dropped to $5 eventually.  I know this because I've never bought an arcade game for more than $10.

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you guys are awful ...
and worms never changed, but when you guys play a video game (make a quick look) every game looks fun

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I enjoyed this game so much back in the day. Actually Worms Open Warfare 2 for the DS is really good too.

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The voices make me want to stab things.

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haha, worst game of Worms ever

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My names Grant :)

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I might have to get this to prove to myself i'm better than you two.

I british and from my perspective, worms was always more popular here.

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i love me some fucking QL's!

As long as im not a fan of whatever game they're playing. To clarify i always loved Worms and Worms 2 in their day.

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Everyone loved Worms: Armageddon here in the UK when it came out. This version doesn't look any better............ still buy it though to support the team who made it.

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It seems to be really slowly paced, and i agree with Jeff, the voices are annoying

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"Dave", "Lister" and "Vindaloo" all managed to appear in this QL. God Bless this game.

I actually might have to buy this in the name of nostalgia.

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I think Ryan was referring to Real Life Giant Construction Equipment for Kids

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I love how Worms just sometimes results in everyone failing and it's just the one who fails less that wins. :D

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I always used a Duke Nukem voice pack to fix the annoying voices

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looks really, really boring.
voices are annoying, gameplay slow, do not want.

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Ah Worms. It still sucks after all these years.

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I think I might like the worms voices better if they had more than like 5 sayings.

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I picked up Worms on PSN for $15 I think.  It was definitely over $10.  I played it for about 20 minutes and haven't touched it since.  For me, I think the lure of Worms (lol, get it?) is over.  It was fun at some point, but now I've got about the 21 minutes and some odd seconds that this QL makes it through, and that holds me over for years.