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Can't wait, last episode was a bit disappointing, hopefully they can get back to old form.

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Oh man, are we going to see a giant wolf?!

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Posted By mrcraggle

Here's hoping this episode is better than the last which really left me quite disappointed.

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Posted By Nightriff

Well, guess I can now play the season. Heard good things about it except for episode 4... think that was the one Alex didn't like.

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Posted By Fat_Tomato

Press X to smoke cigarette

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Episode 4 was great . Don't know where people r coming from . 2 was the weakest so far..

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Posted By dr_mantas

Just played episode 4 finally, so this is perfect timing.

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Posted By frymillstrum

Being holding out for this since I got the season pass and decided to wait for the rest after playing episode 1.

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Posted By sunbrozak

Has Telltale confirmed that there will be more seasons of The Wolf Among Us? I've been really enjoying the current episodes, but I don't know if I need another season.

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Posted By TheHumanDove

It's hot! It's hot!

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Posted By sammo21

Awesome. I've loved every episode so far and will be playing through this again on PS4.

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Posted By panzerghost

I really need more than 90 mins out of these episodes. The game is too good.

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Posted By MjHealy

I hope they stick the landing. I've enjoyed TWAU but I have issues with it for sure, certainly with episodes 3 and 4. Hopefully it won't be like the first season of The Walking Dead in that the final episode is by far the shortest.

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Posted By Rincewind

This is TellTales' best series by far.

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Posted By GunsAreDrawn

I bought this on the Steam summer sale but I was waiting for all the episodes to come out before playing it because I don't want to wait months between seeing what happens next. Good to know I didn't have to wait long.

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Posted By KaneRobot

I was also waiting for it to be out in its entirety before playing any of it. Will be getting in to Ep1 this week.

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Posted By Kidavenger

I've been waiting for this to get started, really hope this series is as good as everyone has been saying.

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Posted By Cybexx

Kinda surprised to see Telltale break from their pattern of releasing one Wolf Among Us episode then one Walking Dead Season 2 episode. Not complaining though, I think Wolf has been the stronger season.

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Posted By Scotto

I'd really like to see Telltale branch out into a "proper" RPG or something, because they have great writers.

Also, playing an hour of a game once a month or so, is an agonizing way to play story-driven games. And of course, TTG didn't even stick to that tight of a schedule with this game (how long was the delay between Ep 1 and 2? Like three months?)

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I don't think the choice gimmick worked in The Wolf Among Us. The "consequences" in Walking Dead were huge, having characters killed off etc. It has felt tacked on in Wolf. Still, one episode to go.

I agree with others here, this formula is stale. TTGames should move on. I would much rather have experienced Walking Dead S1 and Wolf as animated TV shows.

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This series has been brilliant for the most part. TWO of my wife's friends happened to be hanging out for the first episode, now they demand that I wait until they come over before I play any subsequent episodes! The four of us all reason before making the major decisions in each episode. It's fantastic. This game rocks.

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Just played through episode 4 and had no problems with it. Actually thought it was a fine episode. No idea why there was so much hate.

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I've really enjoyed each episode of this series. I've read people saying that this or that episode has been weak, but I've been consistently engrossed and entertained the whole way through. I think for me it's the tone that's the main hook, and that's has been so solid throughout that I've probably looked past any flaws that may potentially be there.

I don't think the choice gimmick worked in The Wolf Among Us. The "consequences" in Walking Dead were huge, having characters killed off etc. It has felt tacked on in Wolf. Still, one episode to go.

In the first episode I failed to save Prince Lawrence. Does saving him have any ramifications to the story later on?

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@buzz_clik: He shows up for Lily's funeral at the beginning of Episode 3 and has a few lines of dialog there. That's all I can remember.

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Shhhiiiiit, I still need to finish Episode One...

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I think i might be going crazy, but has a date and time of release of this episode been said anywhere here or on the internet at large? Looked around a little but still not seeing a specific day.... ?

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Posted By NoCookiesForYou

I can't wait for the season finale. I've really enjoyed this series, even more than TWD2.

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Press X to smoke cigarette

there is no other right answer

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I think the literary elements of The Wolf Among Us are much better done than in the Walking Dead. And somehow fairy tale characters and magic are more believable than a random homeless guy quoting a John Donne poem.

This formula still really works for me. Telltale's choices feel so much more aligned with how my mind works than, say, the choice options in Mass Effect.

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Posted By synthesis_landale

I fear this episode will let Alex (and those who didn't like 4) down. It feels a lot like 4 (which I liked) but I know he hated. I honestly wonder if everyone's problem with 4 was the lack of some amazing cliffhanger/twist like the previous episodes had. Anyways, I look forward to Alex's thoughts and review.

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Took them long enough to put out all the episodes. Guess that's what I get for buying the season pass at the release of the first episode.

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Posted By SPCTRE

Thanks Alex, loving your Wolf coverage! Oooooooooooooooowhoo!

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Granted I'm a sucker for noir mystery of any kind I've been enjoying this series quite a bit. Looking forward to the new episode.

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Posted By buzz_clik
@manbot47 said:

@fat_tomato said:

Press X to smoke cigarette

there is no other right answer

Damn straight.

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Posted By Xpgamer7

I say Patrick Goes 4 stars, Alex likens it to 3.

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Glad to hear confirmation that this is just season 1 coming to a close. I had no idea that it would continue after episode 5, there were no real signs pointing to a season 2 or anything.

A total 5 star game from me. One of my favorites in quite some time.