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I'm waiting for this to turn into The Wire at some point.

MyPlayer, that is.

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Posted By AndyMP

It's a phenomenal looking game. Can't wait to get this.

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Hair of the year.

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Hey, this?

This looks like a system seller.

Eff the "launch has no games" thing, this looks great. Not at all like the game of the same name currently out there, either.

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Posted By mrsmiley

it definitely is a great-looking game. hoping it looks/plays as well in person.

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Posted By Samba_P

Hmm well might actually skip FIFA and pick this up instead, looks really good.

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Posted By thatdutchguy

Video games are back y'all.

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Posted By paulunga

This looks like shit. Sure, the lighting and textures and whatever are great, but the players look like lifeless robots. I'm not impressed with your performance, NBA 2K14.

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Posted By customotto

holy cow, new myplayer hairstyles??? truly it is nextgen.

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Posted By Kierkegaard

Some of this sounds and looks pretty great. Not the player's emotions, mind you. I'm always amazed the people cutting the trailer didn't cut some of the most robotic looks ever. Also, watching all those white, balding owners in button ups being scrolled through is humorous to me. At least your made up guy can have crazy hair.

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Posted By MjHealy

Move over Triple H, there's new hair in town.

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Posted By cruxking

so, any chance we'll get this fine ass looking beast for pc? cause i'd probably buy it on steam again

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Posted By IzunaDrop

I don't need my own version of Hoop Dreams, but a mode where I can stop the Nuggets making horrible hire/fire decisions would be great.

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This game looks good in motion but the video splash is not kind to it.

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Dammit... why the fuck did I get Madden...

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Pretty gorgeous, but man, animation needs to take a MAJOR leap this generation. The prettier the graphics, the more glaring the animation issues are. I cannot believe some of the scenes weren't cut out of this trailer, like Lebron clapping.

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Posted By MeatSim

This could replace Triple H's hair since we lost it as a next gen metric.

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I cringe when I hear Adidas pronounced wrong, a kitten dies every time!

Game looks exceptional tho, hair still lacks tho.

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Posted By ThatOneDudeNick

Really tempted to buy this. I'm not even super into sports games.

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Posted By SinKing

What do you call that wig? A Maori Hair Tattoo? Strong hair!

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@paulunga: Ehhh maybe you should just sit this generation out and wait for the next generation after this one, I'm sure your expectations are just not going to be meat.

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@paulunga: Ehhh maybe you should just sit this generation out and wait for the next generation after this one, I'm sure your expectations are just not going to be meat.

What the hell are you even talking about? I'm just mocking shitty back-of-the-box quotes.

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Posted By Danishmaggot

This is how sports games should be. Bring back NHL 2K!

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Posted By admordem

My player looks soooooooooo good!

Actually the whole package looks great!

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