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just a fyi for folks, vinny announced on twitter today he created a tumblr for folks to submit questions to him like how people submit questions to patrick and jeff on their tumblr's

kinda not much else to say, i already fired off a good bit of questions to him. and i figured there would be folks here that would want to as well and didn't know he had one of these. and that there would be folks that would want to show the dude some direct appreciation for his work.

here's hoping he checks the tumblr semi regularly though,

but based off a question on the tumblr (quoted below), this dude is busyyyyy

What is your typical work day at giantbomb?

10 - 11: Answer emails, make sure the studio is still standing. Go over the production calendar, say hi to folks, laugh about something/complain about something.

11 - 2: Setup studio, prep and record Quick Looks. Meetings.

2-3: Process Quick Looks, answer emails, stop corporate takeover.

3-3:30: Setup for live streams (Thurs. Fri. Sometimes Wed)

3:30 - 6:00: Live Stream (non-live days are usually meetings, archiving, maintenance, studio management, and planning. A lot E3/budget/trip planning happens here)

6:00 - 7:00: Process live stream, break down studio.

7:00 - 8:00: Catch up on any missed emails during the day, review calendar, start fires to put out tomorrow, misc.

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Finally a good use of that whole internet thing! I just doubled the number of tumblrs i follow!

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goddamm, vinny is so damm nice (question an anonymous user asked)

Anonymous asked: Hey Vinny, I always buy new, but when I'm done I sell my games directly to other games on craigslist, or on occasion amazon. Please stop lumping in the millions of gamers who sell their games to places other than gamestop, in with gamestop? My rights should matter more than gamestop being sleezy.

Sorry if it came off that way. My actual feelings are the opposite. I think a healthy used market is great for consumers and the industry, and is why I get so mad with some of GameStop’s practices where they buy and sell in bulk and, my personal feeling, is that they are not giving fair market value to the person selling. It seems like they make such a margin on the used games that they subvert their retail sales, push the used stuff on everyone, and make used games an industry issue instead of a way for hobbyists to buy and sell their old stuff. I understand everyone has different situations, and some folks find it very convenient, I just don’t think it’s has long-term benefits to anyone but GameStop. I also miss my Mom and Pop stores. Sorry again if sounded like I was coming down on people selling used games, it’s not that.

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Slowly but surely, all of the Bomb staff are starting Q&A Tumblr accounts. We need to get Drew, Alex, and Brad on board.

Somehow I doubt Ryan would ever go for it, though.

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vinny is the nicest guy

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Why can't they leave the studio up?

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@keres said:

Slowly but surely, all of the Bomb staff are starting Q&A Tumblr accounts. We need to get Drew, Alex, and Brad on board.

Somehow I doubt Ryan would ever go for it, though.

Does Tumblr have an option to block people? If so, that might entice Ryan to get his own.

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Jeff pretty much never answers any of my questions even though they're serious and video game related, so maybe Vinny will - here is my chance!

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