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    Virtual Pool 4

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 15, 2012

    An ultra realistic pocket billiards simulator; Virtual Pool 4 is the fourth game in the Virtual Pool series developed by Celeris.

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    Virtual Pool 4 is the fourth game in the Virtual Pool franchise developed by Celeris. It's a billiards simulator and one of it's main selling points; aside from it's very realistic physics engine; is that it boasts playing Virtual Pool can actually improve your real life game. It had a very low key release in 2012; published as a digital download for PC costing $30 on the developer Celaris' website. Virtual Pool 4 includes a variety of different games to play, almost 30 different billiard games and rule-sets to choose from. It also has more up to date graphics than it's predecessor Virtual Pool 3, which was released on PC a staggering 12 years earlier.

    Customisation Options

    Virtual Pool 4 comes with a variety of different variations of the game of billiards which you can play on exact replicas of the real life tables you'll usually find them on.

    17 different pool games, including 8-ball and 9-ball on a 3.5'x7' bar table or a 4.5'x9' championship table.

    UK Pub Pool 8-Ball on a regulation UK Pub table, which is more a kin to a cut size snooker table with it's narrower pockets.

    Snooker and English Billiards on a 6'x12' snooker table.

    Carom Billiards on a 5'x10' billiards table including 3 Cushion, 1 Cushion, Straight Rail, and 4 Ball Billiards rule variants.

    You are also able to go into the options and tweak the size and cut angle of the pockets of each table, as well as the speed of the table.

    Tour Mode

    Tour Mode allows you to play against real pros and top amateurs from around the world in a series of 4 tours ranking from Local through to International level. Each tour is a single season where you compete for trophies, ranking points and prize money. There are also 50 achievements to earn on each tour.

    Hustle Tour Mode

    Virtual Pool 4's resident hustler Curly; Who replaced Janette Lee in the re-release of the original Virtual Pool 3 game; guides you around town to play against other local hustlers for cash prizes. You start as a rookie in the garages and work you way up through the bars and pool halls to eventually take on Curly himself in his grandiose Beach House. Along the way you will earn cash to spend on new cues and equipment which you can use to impress your fellow hustlers and attract bigger cash prize pots.

    Instructional Videos and Practice Mode

    Like Virtual Pool 2 and 3 before it; Virtual Pool 4 includes a series of instructional videos which not only teach you how to improve your Virtual Pool game but also your real life pool game as well. In Virtual Pool 4 you are guided along by Steve Daking a professional Pool player, Instructor and Trick Shot Master. 24 categories containing over 70 video lessons guide you through the basics of aiming a shot and using spin, all the way through to more difficult combination shots, masse shots and swerve shots. At the end of each lesson you are given the option to put into practice what you just learned by playing the same shots and drills in Virtual Pool 4's practice mode.

    Trick Shot Mode

    Virtual Pool 4 comes with a library of over 140 pre-set trick shots which you can try out for yourself as well as the ability for you to be able to create your own trick shots and save them out to share with your friends.

    Replays and Match Recordings

    Virtual Pool 4 has the ability to save replays of your favourite shots or even an entire match and, as is the trend, share them by uploading them to facebook.


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