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    Hustle Kings

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jan 28, 2010

    Hustle Kings is a high-definition billiards simulator for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, available through the PlayStation Network.

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    Hustle Kings is all about wagering HKC's (or Hustle King Credits) in a high risk game of pool. Choose between classic 8-ball, Black Ball, or Killer and attempt to win the pot! Credits are then spent in the Hustle King store to buy new avatars, pool cues, or even chrome balls.

    A plethora of other modes are available as well. Bonus challenges, trick shot challenges and a high-stake career mode are just a few of the options available. Hustle Kings allows you to perform professional shots in order to take on these challenges. Jump shot, and curve shot your way to victory.

    The game features photo-realistic graphics and lighting, giving it an extremely immersive experience. The pool table is set in a 3-dimensional room, often overlooking city skylines. Stylish music, and the ability to play your own tracks through the XMB lets you tailor the experience to suit your tastes. The game also gives you the ability to record your shots, and upload them directly to youtube.

    Standard leaderboards and multiplayer matchmaking are available.

    In September 2010, a free title update was released which integrated PlayStation Move support and 3D television support.

    PS Vita Version

    Hustle Kings was also a PS Vita launch title, and a combined PS3/PSV game, where people who buy one version of the game get the other version for free, as well as having cross platform multiplayer between the two.

    PlayStation VR Version

    The PlayStation 4 version of the game had an update around the launch of the PlayStation VR to enable the ability to play the game with the headset.


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