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Nothing short of perfect 0

Warcraft 3 is amazing. The thing that puts this game over the top is the map editor making tons of reason to come back to warcraft. The single player game isn't gonna wow you but its a nice addition to the already amazing multiplayer. The map editor is very good and one of the best I have seen especially in a game thats almost  ten years old. Warcraft 3 is only twenty dollars and its definitely worth that and beyond. I definitely recommend picking this game up you will not regret it....

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So good 0

Best PC game I have ever played. I am being honest. This game has everything you would want in a RPG. Great story, great controls, great, well, everything! This game had me playing it for years, I am still playing it! This game greatly reminds me of my childhood, maybe that is why this game keeps bringing me back. Of course, you should buy this game. This game beats Diablo, Starcraft, etc. The other Warcraft 3 game is really good also. GET IT....

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The RTS mammoth ! 0

Together with Starcraft its the biggest Progaming RTS ever created. I myself played Warcraft 3 for pretty much 2 whole years, climbing the ladders and participating in tournaments. Just like with all other Blizzard games WC3 takes 30 minutes to learn but years to master and just like the others you can play them for 1000s of hours without getting bored. On the surface WC3 is a highly polished RTS with excellent artdesign, 4 distinct fun races, and superb campaigns that takes you through alot of ...

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WarCraft III... Immersive 0

Graphics - 5.0Six years later, I can safely say that the graphics of this game have aged incredibly well. The character models are detailed, the environments are lush, and the spell effects set the standards for all fantasy-themed games to follow. At the same time, none of the effects obscure the action; you can always tell which way the battle is going at a glance and make tactical decisions accordingly. As another plus, the game is surprisingly well-optimized, meaning that anyone with a reason...

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