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    Evochron Legends

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 02, 2009

    An independently developed space flight simulator in the Evochron franchise, the game features trading, mining, and, of course, bounty hunting!

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    Evochron Legends is the latest in the Evochron series of 3D spaceflight simulators by Star Wraith Games. The Evochron series was meant to enhance the freeform style of space sim by increasing the player's capability to explore the environment and interact with other pilots and groups. The entire Evochron series was brought about by comments and suggestions about the gameplay of the game Riftspace (now freeware).


    Spaceflight Mechanics

    In Legends, players may explore the environment in a customized spacecraft, with little to no emphasis on the player character's skills or identity. While this may lack flavor for some, this allows the exploration to be more freeform in design, and lets players' skills and intelligence dictate how well they do. In addition, there are no jumpgates or space lanes that the player is expected to travel through to explore the universe; instead, there is seamless movement between locations, including planetary landings, though jumpgates and jump engines help reduce travel time and fuel expenditure.

    Multiplayer is supported, both in co-operative and competitive modes.

    The website claims that game physics are modeled after Newtonian physics, suggesting that velocity need not be maintained through constant thrust (as in games such as Wing Commander), though the exact meaning of Newtonian physics as understood by the designers is not defined, but it does describe the effect of taking on extra cargo as affecting manuevering performance, as well as acceleration and deceleration.


    Activities possible in the game include:

    • The Economic: mining, trading, commodity shipping, fuel harvesting, passenger transporting
    • Skullduggery: Bribing, spying, hunting
    • Maintenance: clearing paths through asteroid fields, cleaning equipment (?)
    • Missions: Racing, protecting, escorting, patroling, and assault

    The system also allows you to hire crewmembers for your larger craft, to customize the look and performance of your ship, and fully explore the environment which has hidden caches of items and environmental features including caverns within planetoids.


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