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    Wheat is a type of tall grass that is cultivated worldwide as an edible crop. Wheat is the second-most cultivated cereal grain after maize, and before rice. The grain yielded from wheat can be ground into flour and made into foods like bread, cereal, pasta, cake, juice, and couscous. Wheat products may also be used in the fermentation of beer, spirits, and biofuels. People who suffer from a gluten allergy have difficulty eating wheat products, as the allergy can result in severe skin irritation and hives.

    Wheat In Games

    Wheat's appearance in video games has taken many different forms. Wheat may appear in the scenery of a game; this may be incidental to the game's setting, but it can also be used as a visual metaphor. This metaphor may be used to touch on the themes of life and death; the Grim Reaper, a supernatural manifestation of death, is often shown carrying a scythe, a simple tool for harvesting wheat. The image of a character standing in a wheat field can imply that the character is in danger of an imminent death.

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    Wheat has had more literal appearances in games as well, especially in simulation games that involve growing crops. In particular, Actraiser for the SNES features wheat as an important story item. When one region in the simulation cultivates wheat, they request to the player that they spread the crop to other regions in the game.

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