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This residential district is located in the middle of the city. The temple of Kynareth is located here, and the district is named after the strong mountain winds that blow through the district. In the middle of the Wind District lies Gildergreen, a tree that the followers of Kynareth worships.

People and places in the Wind District



Jorrvaskr is the mead hall of The Companions and is located in the Wind District of the city of Whiterun in Skyrim. The current Harbringer of the Companions is Kodlak Whitemane. Nearby lies Skyforge a legendary forge that predates the city itself.

Aela the HuntressFemale Nord, member of The CircleAvailableArchery, ExpertCompanion quest-lineAvailable
AthisA Dunmer warriorOne-handed, Expert
FarkasTwin brother to Vilkas, member of The circle.AvailableHeavy armor, MasterCompanion quest-lineAvailable
Kodlak WhitemaneHarbringer of the Companions, and a member of the CircleCompanion quest-line
Njada StonearmSkilled female Nord warrior.AvailableBlock, ExpertAvailable
RiaThe newest member of the Companions.AvailableAvailable
SkjorNord warrior and a member of the Circle.The Circle quest-line
Tilma the HaggardThe maid of the mead hall Jorrvaskr.
TorvarA drunken Nord warriorAvailableAvailable
Vignar Gray-ManeA Nord warrior who hangs out a lot at Jorrvaskr. Supporter of the Stormcloak rebellion.Civil War
VilkasTwin brother to Farkas. Member of the CircleAvailableTwo-handed, MasterCompanion quest-line, The Circle quest-lineAvailable



Skyforge is a ancient forge, it predates Whiterun itself. Its rumors and myths are many. All the Companions weapons and armor are crafted here. The forge is run by Eorlund Gray-Mane, considered by many to be the best blacksmith in whole of Skyrim.

Crafting stations

  • Blacksmith forge
  • Grindstone
  • Tanning rack
  • Workbench
Eorlund Gray-ManeConsidered to be the best blacksmith in Skyrim.Smithing, MasterWeapon, Armor, misc


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