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    WipEout Pure

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 24, 2005

    Wipeout Pure is the seventh game in the Wipeout series and the first game in the franchise on a portable system.

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    Wipeout Pure is a futuristic racing game for the Playstation Portable. Pure marked a return to form for the Wipeout franchise, as well as Wipeout's first outing on a mobile platform. Developed by Sony Liverpool, Wipeout received high critical acclaim (88% on metacritic) and sales of over a million units.

    After the lukewarm reception of Wipeout Fusion, Studio Liverpool went back to basics with Pure. Tracks were scaled back and simplified, and the focus was placed more on racing than weapons. A new physics engine and streamlined game design lead to Pure finding acceptance with both hardcore Wipeout fans and people new to the franchise. The most notable change to the established Wipeout race mechanics was the addition of a barrel-roll move, which gave the player a small speed boost on landing, but at the cost of some shield. Pure features local ad-hoc multiplayer for up to eight people, and a challenging single player campaign.

    Pure was one of the first games to introduce downloadable content to the PSP. People who download all the content will see the size of the game more than double with extra tracks, themes and teams. All of this extra content is provided at no cost to the player.
    Many of the tracks in Pure were used for the next game in the franchise, Wipeout HD.

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