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    Without Warning

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 01, 2005

    Without Warning, published by Capcom.

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    Without Warning is a third person action game developed by Circle Studios and published by Capcom. It revolves around a terrorist plot to detonate and destroy a large scale chemicals plant in the United States. You can play as six different characters throughout the course of the game, constantly swapping between them. The games mechanics and graphics have been panned by critics and gamers due to a rushed release. Criticism is mainly due to the fact that the game was never truly tested and the final product had a fair few bugs. Without Warning was released on the PlayStation 2 as well as the Xbox, October 28, 2005.


    For most of play Without Warning functions as a standard "run and gun" style third person shooter with largely linear based levels featuring occasional mission objectives depending on which character you play as. All of the special forces team have missions that depend on them helping the captured hostages escape. Reagan's missions require quick reflexes and intelect as he has to defuse the bombs in the facility. 
    Tanya's levels require stealth and paitence due to her inability to use any weapons and Ben's missions require covert tactics in order to obtain footage without being discover. It is impossible to re-equip characters with weapons besides their existing ones and with Dave's missions finally it is a necessity to use cover and guerilla combat skills in order to take down the larger enemies with his under-powered pistol.

    All of the stages tell the story of the characters in certain time periods, with some overlapping even and the cast of characters encountering one another on specific levels.


    Cpt Kyle Rivers -  The 38 year old leader of the special forces dispached to remove the terrorists. He has an experienced track-record as a soldier and no rookie to dangerous situations and is able to remain cool and level-headed even in the most dire of places. Being a veteran in combat he is a proficient sniper which he can use without trouble on his burst fire automatic rifle.
    Sgt Jack Hooper - A special forces trooper and at 24 is the youngest and least experienced member of the team. The situation at the chemical facility is his first task as newcomer to the group and his test of skill given the early choice to enlist him in the squad during training. He uses a fully automatic assault rifle as his weapon.
    Sgt Ed Reagan - The special forces bomb disposal expert. Aged 36, he is unmatchable in his ability to defuse explosives and has accompanied the team thanks to his abilities to guide other members in doing so themselves. But he is also armed with a combat shotgun completed with a mounted grenade launcher given the situation arises where he is compromised.
    Tanya Shaw - An employee at the chemical facility, 24 years of age, she works as a typist and befriended many of her co-workers, becoming close friends with several. When the terrorists attacked she was fortunate to have hidden under her task whle the onslaught folowed. Given she is not trained to use weapons, she has no means of defense beside a pepper spray and fire extinguisher and must escape at all costs.
    Dave Wilson - 54 year old Dave Wilson is a former policeman, working for the armed response unit. He left after being shot in a routine call and decided to look for a safer means of employment as a result. He joined the chemical facility employees list as a security guard at the plant and found himself also in the centre of the mess following a radio call for assistance from his workmate Joe. Dave is armed with a semi-automatic pistol for defensive measures.
    Ben Harrison - Ben is a USABC cameraman hoping for his big break after four years of filming small stories and filler material for his news network. However by chance he got his wish following his visit to the plant to report on recent spillages just as the terrorists invaded. Seizing the oppertunity Ben decided to dig deeper in order to gain more footage in this potential landmark news story

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