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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 09, 1991

    A sidescrolling action game where the player controls Wolverine as he battles against arch nemesis Sabretooth. This was the first game that the character Wolverine was the sole main character.

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    Wolverine is a side-scrolling action platformer that stars the titular clawed mutant. The game plays similarly to other action platformers of the era, most noticeably Konami's first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the NES. Wolverine fights his way through eight levels on his way to battling his most popular enemy, Sabretooth


    Unlike most games of its type, there is no moment of invincibility after Wolverine is hurt by his enemies. This means that health (called "Strength" in the game) can be lost very quickly. Strength  can only be replenished by eating burgers and sodas that are found in stages. The main form of combat in the game is Wolverine punching  enemies at close range. He can also retract his famous claws to deal more damage to his enemies by pressing Select, but doing this causes him to take some damage as well as being more vulnerable to attacks. Wolverine's healing factor doesn't play any part in the game.

    In adition to the character's Strength, a second bar called the Berzerker meter exists. As Wolverine fights enemies, his Berzerker meter fills up. Once the Berzerker is filled, Wolverine experiences a brief invincible status, which is timed down by the Berzerker meter slowly emptying. A full Berzerker meter can help players navigate through otherwise tricky platforming sections of levels.


    The game lacks any real strong narrative. However, what story can be picked up from the game is that Sabretooth has  kidnapped Jubilee, Psylocke and Havok and hidden them in dangerous areas filled with enemies. Wolverine is then forced to fight through these levels, rescuing his fellow X-Men and get closer to Sabretooth. In the second to last level of the game, Wolverine fights Magneto. After talking with the rescued X-Men, Wolverine fights Sabretooth. Wolverine must force Sabretooth over a cliff, seemingly defeating his deadly advesary at last.


    The game is comprised of nine themed levels. Only the final two feature any boss fights, with the final level being only a one-on-one fight with Sabretooth. Most of the levels are preceded by a relevant taunt from Sabretooth.

    Level 1: The First Trial 
                    This level seems to resemble a combat scenario in the X-Men's Danger Room.        

    Level 2
    : Trial By Air
                    Typical air themed level, with floating platforms aplenty.
                   Sabretooth Taunt: "Surprise! It's your old friend Sabretooth!"

    Level 3: Trial By Traps
                   Underground cavern with some Hindu decorations with various traps, including swinging axe-pendulums, falling rocks and ninjas.
                  Sabretooth Taunt: "That was too easy! Now you'll have to watch your step"

    Level 4: Trial By Water
                   Swimming level, where Wolverine must carefully manuever between fans and other hazards but also be aware of his slowly depleting oxygen
                   Sabretooth Taunt: "Hope you remembered your swim suit! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

    Level 5: Trial by Terror
                    Horror theme set in a graveyard, where Wolverine must descend into a crypt
                    Sabretooth Taunt: "I hope you're not afraid of the dark!"

    Level 6: Trial by Fire
                    Wolverine must jump across elevated platformer, or else fall into the flames below
                    Sabretooth Taunt: "Some like it hot!"

    Level 7: Into the Fortress
                    Interior corridors with intricate patterns on the wall. Lots of robots to kill.
                    Sabretooth Taunt: "Are you having fun yet?"

    Level 8: Defeat Magneto
                   Long and difficult exterior platforming level that ends with a boss fight with Magneto
                   Sabretooth Taunt: "Meet my new ally...Magneto!"

    Short Intermission: A screen displays the word "Freedom!" and then a picture is shown with Wolverine standing around with sprites of Havok, Jubilee and Psylocke, whether you save them in the relevant levels or not. A short discussion follows before the final level:

    Jubilee: "Magneto's fortress has been destroyed"
    Psylocke: "But one question remains unanswered"
    Wolverine: "...Where is Sabretooth?"
    Sabretooth: "Comin' right at ya, boy!"
    Wolverine: "Get out of here! This is between him and me!"

    Level 9: The Final Battle
                    A final one-on-one boss fight with Sabretooth. He must be forced off the far right side of the screen, where he falls to his supposed demise.

    For winning the game, your treated with a picture of Wolverine with his hood off, and then a "The End?" screen.

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