Contemplating that i should finally give this game a shot.

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My WoW trial ends on monday and I have to say it's been a blast. I fitted into the game quite nicely after spending some four and a half years on Guild Wars but Guild Wars has run it's course for me, in fact it has done for most of this year. 
WoW certainly has a much grander spectacle and I have spent the last 8 days or so dabbling in the professions. Warlock is the winning one for me right now because my favourite character on guild wars emulates the play of a warlock nicely, and with the added bonus of a tank spirit it's pretty awesome.  I love the art style, reminiscent of childhood cartoons adds to the sense of escapism. I have no sense of what the full game is like because the trial has quite a handful of limitations attached to it.
So I turn to you GB community, is it too late to join WoW? and also I might try and get in touch with any of you who are in the EU GB guild for this game too so i wont be wasting time alone. It would be great if I could hook up with players in a similar position or just starting out.

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Never too late.  The game is kind of complicated, but you have enough experience with Guild Wars that figuring out those kinds of things probably isn't an issue.

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I just joined vanilla WoW recently. I'm having fun, and strongly considering getting the add-ons.

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