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    Worms Forts: Under Siege

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 24, 2004

    Worms Forts: Under Siege is a turn based strategy game by Team 17 which worms must destroy the enemy team or their stronghold

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    Worms Forts: Under Siege is a turn based strategy game by Team 17. It is a 3D worms game which involve controlling worms and using a majority of weapons to kill the opposing team. This worms game includes a new feature, which are buildings. Like previous Worms games, players can still win by killing the enemy team/s, but now, with buildings, a team can win by destroying the enemy stronghold. This game also adds siege weapons which replace or remove many of the old weapons in previous games.



    There are 9 types of buildings in Worms Forts: Under Siege, some of which require 'Victory Locations' these include:

    • Strongholds - The most important building in the game, all other buildings must be connected to the stronghold. If a teams stronghold is destroyed, then they lose.
    • Towers - A building which can fire Tier 2 weapons.
    • Keep - A more powerful version of the Tower which now includes the ability to fire Tier 3 weapons and requires 2 Victory Locations.
    • Castle - A strong building which can fire Tier 4 weapons and requires 3 Victory Locations.
    • Citadel - Almost as strong as a Stronghold, the Citadel can fire Tier 5 weapons, the most powerful of them all and requires 4 Victory Locations.
    • Hospital - The hospital can spawn deceased worms, but with small health. It requires 2 Victory Locations.
    • Weapon Factory - This building is very weak but can spawn weapon crates around it and requires 3 Victory Locations.
    • Science Lab - The Science Lab increases the damage that weapons can cause and requires 4 Victory Locations.
    • Wonder - A strong building which, if is not destroyed within 2 turns, the team who built it wins. Requires 5 Victory Locations.

    The weapons used in Worms Forts: Under Siege are mostly fired from these buildings, although there are a few that can be fired from the ground. These are:


    Firstly, the ground weapons, which require no buildings to be fired from:

    • Bazooka - A weapon which is effected by the wind and deals up to 45 points of damage to a worm, and 25 to a building.
    • Grenade - Slightly more powerful than the bazooka, dealing up to 50 points of damage to a worm. The fuse can also be changed.
    • Airstrike - A bird flies over and drops 5 bombs over the designated area. It is effected by the wind
    • 50 Stone Canary - A bird which does up to 45 points of damage which can jump after it has been released.
    • Electric Storm - This weapon, when used, goes over enemy buildings and rains down household appliances. It doesn't do much damage to a building but it does good damage to a worm.
    • Fire Punch - This punches an enemy worm away from the users, taking off 30 health points from the victim.

    These are followed by Tier 2 weapons, which are fired from a tower:

    • Mortar - The mortar fires a man up into the sky and when it hits something solid, he explodes into several clusters. It is also affected by the wind.
    • Cluster Launcher - Similar to the grenade except when it explodes, it releases small clusters. It's fuse can be set.
    • Napalm Strike - A bird swoops down on the designated area and releases bombs which is very effective against buildings and causes a fire.
    • Old Women - An old women with a 30 second fuse and can be manually blown up. She is controllable and can jump.
    • Earthquake - Shakes the whole landscape causing worms to roll around into water, mines, fire or nothing at all.
    • Ballista - This crossbow fires burning arrows which explode on impact. It is affected by the wind.

    Then there are the Tier 3 weapons, which are fired from a Keep:

    • Siege Onager - Affected by the wind, this weapon fires 3 burning balls of fire which explode on impact.
    • Chilli Con Carnage - Once the Mexican has settled, he explodes, releasing mini Mexicans which also explode and leave behind some fire.
    • Mine Strike - A bird drops 5 mines down on the designated area although they do not trigger when dropped on a building, only worms.
    • Rhino - A rhino who's trajectory can be set, it does damage to all buildings it collides with and enemy worms.
    • Flood - Temporarily raises the water on the landscape, drowning any worms who are low enough on the ground.
    • Minigun - This gun does considerable damage to worms and building although it does have a bad recoil.

    Then the Tier 4 weapons which are fired from a Castle, some of these, marked with * must be unlocked in the games campaign mode:

    • Homing Pigeon - A bird which flies to its set target and explodes on impact.
    • Fridge Launcher - A fridge that bounces around until the fuse runs out and then releases frozen food. The fuse can be set.
    • Animal Strike * - A very powerful weapon which does a lot of damage, it releases animals down onto the landscape and they explode. They can be manually triggered and they bounce around a bit.
    • Super Hippo - Players can release an explosive hippo that can fly towards a target.
    • Nuclear Strike * - This drops a nuke down and makes all worms sickly green, and they lose health each turn. Sick worms can be healed by picking up a health crate.
    • Giant Crossbow - This crossbow fires in a straight line is only slightly affected by the wind. It is very shaky and hard to keep it on target.

    Finally, the Tier 5 weapons, the strongest of the lot, fired from a Citadel, once again, some of these must be unlocked in campaign, marked with * and some must be unlocked in the Deathmatch Challenges which are marked with **

    • Rocket Launcher - A giant pipe organ which fires five rockets down onto its target. It is also affected by the wind.
    • Trebuchet - Once of the most powerful weapons in the game which does enough damage to destroy a stronghold. After hitting an object, it bounces around until the fuse runs out.
    • Trojan Donkey * - A replacement for the Concrete Donkey, as the landscapes are indestructible, it does not bounce and destroy the location it is on, instead when it lands, it blows up randomly during a turn.
    • Monkey Troop * - This weapon releases a bunch of monkey's which do quite a bit of damage to a stronghold or citadel. Players can make them explode manually.
    • Armageddon ** - Raining down meteors onto the level, it does considerable damage to worms and buildings.
    • Giant Laser - A very destructible weapon which fires in short bursts doing a lot of damage to buildings but will not blow a hole into the side of a stronghold, although it easily destroys towers and keeps.


    • Jetpack - The Jetpack can help players travel long distances in length and height. Unlike previous worm games, players cannot drop weapons whilst using it.
    • Freeze - Freezes an entire team of worms and buildings until their next turn, making them impossible to destroy, although this does not effect the wonder.
    • Parachute - When players are falling, using the parachute will soften the fall.
    • Girder - Players can use the girder to protect worms or buildings and make ramps up to inaccessible areas. Its position, angle and height can all be altered.
    • Repair Building - This repairs the selected building.
    • Spawn Worm - If players have a hospital and a dead worm, this utility can be used to bring it back from the dead. It can be used up to three times a turn.
    • Double Turn Time - This automatically doubles the time that a player has per turn.
    • Double Damage - This does double damage during a players turn; it is used instantly.
    • Crate Spy - Once this is collected, the team who collected can see what is in the crate drops for the rest of the round.
    • Skip Go - Skips the turn of the current worm.
    • Surrender - Surrenders the team and removes them from the round.


    There are also stories in the games campaign mode which are:

    • Egyptian - This story focuses on a worm named Seth, who wants the player to help him raise an army of the dead to battle the Pharaoh.
    • Greek - This story focuses on the Trojan War against the city of Troy where players must save Princess Helen from Prince Paris.
    • Oriental - This story focuses on the Mongol Invasion.
    • Medieval - This story focuses on King Arther and how he had become King.

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