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Worms Open Warfare 2 is the sequel to Worms Open Warfare on PSP and DS, and the latest entry into the long running Worms Series.  Worms Open warfare 2 is a strategy game where you control a team of four worms, and fight other teams of four worms, across many different and random landscapes. There is a single player campaign mode where you and your team of worms go through "history" if you will, and basically just destroy other teams of worms. Alongside the campaign mode there is specifically for the DS version, a Puzzle mode, where your Worms skills are put to the test as you try to complete harder and harder challenges.

Worms Open Warfare 2 also includes a vast amount of multiplayer options. You can connect online using Nintendo's Wi-Fi service and battle people across the world. Or you can play people in the same room using either single card- multicard, or just use a single DS cartridge and play a hot-seat mode. There are also many different types of play. There is just plain old deathmatch, forts mode, where each player has a fort at each end of the landscape, and a race mode, where you race using the jetpack and other objects. Worms Open Warfare 2 also includes leaderboards for stat tracking.

Worms Open Warfare 2 also comes with an incredible amount of customization for your teams of worms. You can put hats on them (exclusive to PSP) create a flag for your worms, change their color, how they speak, and their team flag. The best of all customizations is the landscape creator, which you can then share your work online with your anyone.

Worms Open Warfare 2 includes a vast amount of weapons and gadgets, and they are:

Homing Missle
Holy Hand grenade
Banana Bomb
Sentry Gun
Electro Magnet
Super Sheep
Buffalo of Lies
Fire Punch
Pneumatic Drill
Ninja Rope
Bunker Buster
Concrete Donkey
Lightning Strike

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