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WWE with Authority! is an online card game developed by Genetic Anomalies and published by THQ for the PC platform. While originally titled WWF With Authority! the name was changed to WWE With Authority! in conjunction with the WWF changing their name due to a lawsuit filed by the World Wildlife Fund.

WWE with Authority! was released as both a digital download and a physical disk. With the purchase of the physical disk the player was able to obtain a free William Regal playbook.

Cancellation/With Authority! P2P

WWE With Authority! had it's servers shut down in January of 2003. Once the servers were shut down so did all support for the game and any way of buying or obtaining any additional pages.

Around the time that the servers were scheduled to be taken offline THQ decided to release a new version that could be played using peer-to-peer connections rather than a base online server. Players using the peer-to-peer version get five of each page in the normal sets. This version of the game still gets support from the community, even using an mIRC client for the games chat feature.

The official website for the With Authority! P2P version can be found here.


Like most collectible card games out there, With Authority! allowed players to create decks using the cards earned/purchased. The decks in With Authority! are called play books, while individual cards were called pages. The idea behind this was supposed to be instead of a player battling with cards they were trying to use sports like playbooks to out maneuver the other player.

Expansion Sets

Throughout the course of the official run of WWE With Authority! there were seven released sets and one set that was set to be released but never was. There were some preview cards that were released to hype the release of the eighth expansion, but those are the only cards to be seen from it.

  • First Edition
  • No Way Out
  • Wrestlemania X8
  • TLC
  • Second Edition
  • Summerslam
  • Unforgiven
  • Eight Unnamed Expansion (Never Released)


Pre-Constructed decks (called playbooks) were available for the purchase price of $10.00 USD. There were also randomized booster packs available for $3.00 USD.


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