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Jason Fly, better known as XIII, appears in the cel-shaded FPS XIII, based on the acclaimed Belgian graphic novel by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance. XIII wakes up on a island, and has no clues as to who he is, other than a tattoo of the Roman numeral XIII (13) near his collarbone. He proceeds to figure out his past as the game progresses. He is attacked at the beach and escapes in a truck. He has a key to a safe inside Winslow bank, so he opens up the safe, only to discover a bomb, and a briefcase. He has a flashback, and realizes he has fallen into his own trap. He promptly escapes the police, and the mongooses henchman, only to be greeted by the FBI. He is taken to a secret FBI headquarters in New York since he is believed to be Steve Rowland, a member of special operation unit SPADS accused assassin of the former president, William Sheridan.  Only near the end of the game is it revealed that he is in fact Jason Fly, a friend of Steve Rowland who has undergone surgical alteration to become Rowland's body double, as part of an intricate plan by a brotherhood of conspirators known as the XX.
XIII is voiced by David Duchovny, whose suave no-bullshit voice is easily recognizable from his role as FBI agent Mulder in "The X-Files". 
Visit XIII's profile on ComicVine for more information his comics history.

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