Beast in the East - The Supplemental Material (SPOILERS)

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#1 Posted by alex (3742 posts) -

Hey everyone!

Hope you have all been enjoying our playthrough of Yakuza 0. As you likely know, we have finished playing through the main story, but we'll be diving back in one more time this coming Friday (July 21) to check out anything we might have missed. This is where you come in! We'd like to know what you'd like to see, and this thread is where to let us know.

What I'd like for you to do is to post any specific side stories, friendships, or business management sections we didn't see. This can be in the form of a YT video, or just instructions on how to get there. A key thing: We will not have time to do all of these, and definitely won't be able to do all of them in-game. So if there's a YT clip of a specific thing that would take too long for us to grind through, please do submit it. If it's something we can easily jump back into the game for and see quickly, then please provide detailed instructions on what to do.

Spoilers are A-OK, as I'm the only one who will be checking this thread. Please use spoiler tags where applicable, but let's also just generally assume this thread will spoil everything always.

That's it! I'll be checking this thread throughout the week and likely asking some follow-up questions. Thank you for your help!


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#2 Edited by Roomrunner (1756 posts) -

Before this feature, the only thing I knew about Yakuza 0 was this cutscene (or an unedited version of it) on twitter.

You get it by winning a bowling side quest.

I was hoping you guys would accidentally stumble upon it.

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#3 Posted by BellaDante (3 posts) -

You should definitely watch all the heat actions, there's some pretty good ones you guys didn't get the chance to see

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#4 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1298 posts) -

There is a man with no pants who NEEDs Majima's help!

He's hiding behind a pillar in the East of Osaka!

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#5 Edited by Super_Sandwich (17 posts) -

Just finished watching the last episode, great job!

You will probably not want to really do anything with the business management for either character. Fully completing them unlocks their 4th hidden styles but would take hours to do. Kiryu's is base on his usual style before they did the whole different styles thing (Dragon of Dogima). Majima gets a style that uses his knife and burns heat with most of his major action (Mad Dog).

There are the best formatted heat move compilations i have found for this game. They are used in order with a few seconds of set up so it doesn't just look like a blur of heat moves.

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The first 5 minutes of each are shared heat moves so you can skip after seeing one character do them. There videos are for the Japanese version but no real dialog to look for other than Majima calling people pathetic during his one heat move with mad dog style at the end (it actually instant kills 3 people every time).

Most of the heat moves are straight forward. Majima does use a few of the more jokey weapons but they mostly fall under pole (double light saber), kali sticks, tonfa (crowbar), and knife(Chinese broadsword). The heat move after salt in the eyes is kind of hard to follow but it is picking up a random syringe and stabbing it in their butt.

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#6 Edited by odinsmana (982 posts) -

I will second watching the end of the bowling friendship on youtube. It`s absolutely great.

And thank you to Alex for all your work on this series. This has been one of my favorite video series on the site and I have been looking forward to every Monday for half a year thanks to this series.

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#7 Posted by poobumbutt (953 posts) -

The two posts on here were the first two that came to mind when you brought this up on the podcast. "Oh, they DEFINITELY need to see Nugget. That has to happen. Also, it'd be cool if only for reaction purposes if they just watched all the HEAT actions."

There are a few sidequests I can think of if you were Yakuza veterans, because there are some really good send-ups in there (like one where a fortuneteller lays out Kiryu's entire life by giving basically Wikipedia summaries of the other games and Kiryu's like "what in the Hell are you talking about?"), but I'm blanking on any ones that can be enjoyable for newcomers that are as good as buying porn or The Dark Price.

Oh, well. Someone else will have better memory. I'm sure there's enough crowdsourcing here that we'll have a decent episode by the end of it.

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#8 Posted by KnightDehumidifier (251 posts) -

You still have to take down all the billionaires, one isn't enough. All of them have to go down. Also, we haven't explored the contexutal nuances of slot car racing.

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#9 Edited by Ind1gnation (51 posts) -
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I was gonna suggest the heat actions as well but since everyone already did that, I think it would be cool to cap off the stream with the story trailer for Kiwami because I think it suplements the credit explanations for characters very nicely

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#10 Posted by junkipenguin (14 posts) -

Finish all of club sunshine and rule the 5 hostess clubs.

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#11 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1610 posts) -

The heat move compilations and the bowling friendship ending people have posted are pretty much all I want to see. Also definitely take Majima to karaoke and have him sing along to Rouge of Love.

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#12 Posted by elwaldorf (134 posts) -

if not, definitely watch the scenes for them.

Finish all of club sunshine and rule the 5 hostess clubs.

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#13 Posted by DrM2theJ (232 posts) -

I haven't watched enough Beast in the East yet to know (because I'm playing through the game itself after Beast in the East inspired me to do so!), but the Damned Yanki sidestory is absolutely required if it hasn't been done yet!

Also, dare I say... mahjong?

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#14 Edited by meissnerd (221 posts) -

Mushroom Guy's friendship is easy to fill up (you just buy his mushrooms) and leads to a pretty funny sequence of events.

Edit: OH! Id like to see Dan take a run at Mr. Shakedown, but it's not necessary.

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#15 Edited by indianchan (1 posts) -

Kiryu can get catfished at the telephone club, it's pretty lucky that you guys somehow managed to not when you tried it. I personally thought these sequences were really funny so I think they're worth checking out. (Getting catfished takes Kiryu down to one health so make sure you have healing items on hand in case you end up in a random batlle afterwards)

There's a substory where Kiryu hangs out with Dojima's son (who becomes an important character in later games). Go here ( ) and talk to a man standing near a parked car and bike.

I would also suggest playing enough of the hostess minigame to defeat the first rival club. Both Kiryu and Majima's business sidestories take gigantic amounts of time to complete but yall should play up to the first boss of Majima's like you did with Kiryu's.

It seems like you guys did most of the funnier sidestories. Most of what's left is friendships and substories that require you to play the same minigame over and over again(Out-Run in Kamurocho as Kiryu, Space Harrier in Sotenbori as Majima, Slot Car Racing, Disco Dancing).

And a lil' tip to help you folk find your way around town, if you press triangle while looking at the map a list of all the enterable buildings will open up. You can scroll through this list and as you do each highlighted building will have an arrow pointing to it on the map

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#16 Posted by TheBlue (1034 posts) -

I think the story beats in the Club Sunshine sidequest are really fun, but it would take way too long for you guys to finish it.

So I'll just second the Nugget scene, heat compilation, and the Kiwami trailer to close it out if you guys are definitely gonna play it.

Also, I don't know if there's a better video with them, but here's one with all of the real life actors playing the lieutenants, Sagawa, and Tachibana. Unfortunately the interview is only in Japanese. Still, it might be neat to take a second to watch.

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Oh...and you might recognize someone at 14:32 of this video...

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#17 Posted by SomariMan (4 posts) -

I'd like to add two videos to the mix.

First one is the japanese Intro. It seems like they couldn't get the rights to use the song over here. It's got lyrics and incorporates the game's title "Ryu Ga Gotoku" (Like a Dragon) into it. So that's rad.

Loading Video...

Next is a quick overview of the 4th fighting style for both Kiryu and Majima. I actually think Dan would have had a much better time with the combat if he had Majima's "Mad Dog" style. Only problem is that it takes a while to complete the cabaret side-story in order to unlock it.

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As for Kiryu's 4th style, it seems that you'll have some time with it in Kiwami.

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#18 Posted by Fink (199 posts) -

I was hoping you would do the substory Rise of the Dragon

It sets up a character in the later games.

Here is a video if you didn't actually want to play it

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#19 Posted by OMGFather (1036 posts) -

Do the rest of the karaoke songs. Rouge of Love needs to be experienced.

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#20 Posted by BlackLagoon (2101 posts) -

If you do the Pocket Circuit racing you should visit the Pawn Shop and black market dealer (in the southern part of the alley with the empty lot). The former sells a car that comes with a really useful part, and the letter sells a great engine.

And beware that to complete the bowling storyline you'll have to bowl three strikes in a row, which is really challenging without using a specific trick you can find on Youtube.

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#21 Posted by akajaybay (25 posts) -

My epilogue suggestions:

Take Majima to Karaoke and sing Rouge of Love. Majima specifically.

Watch the end of the Real Estate game. It's got a twist perfect for you guys.

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#22 Posted by akajaybay (25 posts) -
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#23 Posted by odinsmana (982 posts) -

The mushroom sellers friendship is also pretty good and it`s really quick to do it.

I will also give another vote for rise of the dragon (pants quest) and rouge of love.

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#24 Posted by Undeadpool (6972 posts) -

The Cabaret and Real Estate Club stuff has some of the funniest moments in the game, and some of the most absurd humor, but since we're talking about ~4-6 hours, I'd say just Youtube the story moments.

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#25 Edited by JohnyMyko (1869 posts) -

I don't know much about the game, but I know about the Nugget part and I think you should definitely do it. I think you trigger it on the bowling alley.

edit: To get the Nugget storyline you need to go to Mach Bowl with Kiryul talk to the lady and she'll explain it to you: you need to do three strikes in a row. This is the video:

Also @alex, if you guys end up doing this one (and I hope you do), I think you shouldn't mention the "Nugget" name and just tell Dan and Vinny to go to the bowling alley, I think part of the fun is knowing the name "Nugget" later.

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#26 Edited by XtRedChaos (10 posts) -

You guys should definitely get your blood chubs Goin in that underwater fighting arena in Majima-Town.

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#27 Edited by megalowho (1146 posts) -

Maxing out friendship with the Gandhara Video Clerk as Majima has some good dialogue and a weird quest payoff. Erotic video store at the bottom of Sotenbori, just skip (or watch) through videos to progress.

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#28 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1819 posts) -

Before this feature, the only thing I knew about Yakuza 0 was this cutscene (or an unedited version of it) on twitter.

You get it by winning a bowling side quest.

I was hoping you guys would accidentally stumble upon it.

Yup Nugget is a must get in this game. Plus, it's hilarious he works as a manager for the business side stories.

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#29 Edited by megalowho (1146 posts) -
@indianchan said:

Kiryu can get catfished at the telephone club, it's pretty lucky that you guys somehow managed to not when you tried it. I personally thought these sequences were really funny so I think they're worth checking out. (Getting catfished takes Kiryu down to one health so make sure you have healing items on hand in case you end up in a random batlle afterwards)

There's a substory where Kiryu hangs out with Dojima's son (who becomes an important character in later games). Go here ( ) and talk to a man standing near a parked car and bike.

Co-sign on telephone club dates and the Heir to the Family substory as activities for Kiryu, as well as maxing friendship with the bowling receptionist.

Oh and definitely the Rise of the Dragon quest mentioned above for Majima. Go here to trigger.

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#30 Edited by MikeRD (98 posts) -

Going to just copy/paste my post from the comments section in the penultimate episode (maybe will add youtube videos later if I have time to find them):

Regarding the best substory stuff you guys haven't seen yet, I'll preface this by saying it's fine if you guys move on straight to the story and complete the game, but here's the best of what you guys have left (from my memory anyway) if you guys do want to take a detour:

Majima's humorous substories (can't return to him until the game shows you the point of no return, but he can get back to Sotenbori via taxi):

- Complete Yuki's training. I think she has a couple more training sessions left, so you'd have to do those and and do the cabaret club mini-game a couple more times in between to then do her substory.

-There's another that involves Majima taking part in a drug trial that you find out about via a poster on a wall in the north end of the alley that the breakdancers train in. Not a must-see, but still pretty goofy.

Majima's story-related + somewhat goofy substory: I've never played any of the other Yakuza games, so I'll let people correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I think this involves a future character in the series. It also involves kids who are getting their pants stolen. Probably worth seeing?

It can be found far east of the road a little south of the bridge. Area should be called Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall when highlighted on the map. It's initiated a little north of the save point over there on the northern side of the street I believe.

Kiryu's humorous substories:

-There's some pretty good ones involving Pocket Circuit racing, but I'm not sure you guys will want to spend the time to advance that line of substories.

Kiryu's story-related substories (again, other commenters, correct me if I'm wrong since this is the only game I've played in the series):

-Someone earlier in the comments mentioned meeting Daigo which is started around the northwest section of the map. It's behind the batting cage bulding (so on the road east and parallel to the one you'd use to enter the batting cages). I don't remember this one being particularly interesting, but I also don't know the character beyond this game.

-Another one is started with a girl asking for help on the street a bit northwest of the Champion District (going to look this up and edit it in). You'll eventually meet a character that I think is involved in later games?

edit: quest begins by helping a girl in a school uniform found around the intersection of Shichifuku Street East and Pink Street North. Easiest way of finding her is to go out the northern exit of the Kamuro Shopping Area (it's the slightly larger area that houses the Empty Lot in the middle-ish part of the map) and make an immediate right.

-The Fortune Teller sits a little west of the southern entrance to the Champion District (edit: went ahead and looked the starting point up since I posted wrong info initially - can't be started until you complete Majima's substory involving stolen pants since there's a character that appears in both that only shows up in Kamurocho afterwards) .

It's first started by running up to a couple of ladies talking around the northernmost intersection of Senryo Avenue and Pink Alley in the southeast section of the map. I don't remember a lot about this quest, but I'd assume it's safe to say she vaguely references events from future games, and I think Kiryu bumps into someone involved in the pants-stealing, Majima substory mentioned earlier.

Again, you guys do as few of those or even none of them if you want to finish the story, but those were the best ones (plus the ones related to future games) that I remembered off the top of my head.

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#31 Edited by joshth (720 posts) -

Can someone with a better memory than me tell them how to get to the other Miracle Johnson side bit? I know you end up at the disco, but I'm not sure how you get it started.

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#32 Posted by bleatingheart (42 posts) -

Cosigning the person who suggested the drug trial, which for me was triggered by approaching a poster on the wall you face when you enter the northern opening to the alley with the dance goblins in it.

I also love the club Sunshine stuff so much (to the point that I got VERY EXCITED before I realized the new east coast feature was about Mario and not hostesses) but I know there's a ton of it and it's not feasible to see it all. I do think it's more worth pursuing than the real estate, largely because the Platinum girls are really great to interact with and also Majima's ultimate secret fighting style that you unlock at the end of it is INCREDIBLY fun (might be worth looking up a video of that, it's called Mad Dog of Shimano).

Hear me out anyway, because I've gotta make my pitch about finishing just one of the girls' "arcs". You're actually very close to finishing Yuki's, I think you're actually like 3 training sessions (the special thing you can do with a platinum hostess before opening the club) from seeing the culmination her story/relationship. And one of those dates is karaoke with a special very cute music video just for her, it's VERY good (two of the other girls you recruit down the line, Chika and Hibiki, also have these, and those might be worth looking up separately?) After that you get a cute sub-story with her when you cap the relationship, which also unlocks one of those bikini balloon videos.

(Those videos are unlocked by doing sub-stories with the ladies in world/maxing their relationships btw, totally separate from collecting the porno phone cards which also feature the same models. So you have a video for the girl you saved from the cult, for instance, the girl who wanted Majima to fake being her boyfriend, the "daddy" club girl, etc.)

Anyway, capping Yuki's stuff would also very likely be enough to wrap up the Club Mars rivalry too, and to just see how the general pattern of that stuff goes.

So that's my hard sell. Regardless of what you all decide to focus on for the wrap-up stream, Beast in the East has been one of my favourite features in a while. I looked forward to it every week, so thank you guys for all of your hard, hooligan-pummeling, orange-in-mouth-punching, Mr.-Libido-side-eyeing work!

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#33 Posted by GhostStalker (30 posts) -

@joshth: Pretty sure you just need to overhear the two American culture fan guys again outside the beef bowl shop and Miracle will show up again after doing a map refresh by going into a business and coming back out.

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#34 Edited by hypertails2000 (1 posts) -
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This is only tangentially related to the game, but the voice actor for Awano did a stint as a Japanese pro wrestler and released this music video in character.

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#35 Posted by GKabooz (46 posts) -
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One of the quickest things they could do. Get the peerless pole from the pawn shop then head over to the pier via taxi.

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#36 Posted by Busto1299 (251 posts) -

Karaoke is pretty important

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#37 Posted by GenocidalKitten (283 posts) -

I think you guys owe it to yourselves to go back to where it all began and win a pocket circuit race. Really bookend the series with that

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#38 Posted by Wibblefish (102 posts) -

Spend a few minutes rocking out to these:

As hard as I looked, I could not find the "Waluigi" music anywhere. :(

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#39 Posted by Pepsiman (2815 posts) -

This isn't really additional side content per se, but a neat little bit of trivia potentially worth watching for just a little bit: in the Chinese localization of Yakuza 0, Lao Gui, the hitman, actually looks entirely different and is acted by Hong Kong actor Sam Lee. It changes the character's vibe pretty significantly, but it's interesting to see Sega go that far in a localization to try and capture that particular market's sales. Here he is in his intro cutscene and boss battle:

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#40 Edited by chandoo (269 posts) -

It's been a while so apologies if this was already done in the stream but if you guys haven't finished the second Miracle Johnson quest, highly recommended that be done as well.

Miracle Johnson returns for a second quest. To trigger it, find the 2 drunkards at this location and speak to them. This is in Kamurocho playing as Kiryu. Majima sadly never interacts with Miracle Johnson. This location is up the street from where your real estate HQ is.

No Caption Provided

They'll redirect you to the Maharaja club (big club near hotel district, where you guys were accusing random teenage girls of running the panty ring). This quest requires you to have started the real estate game which you already have so you should be good to go. This quest ends with you having a dance-off against Miracle himself so it's really really worth it.

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#41 Posted by ratamero (386 posts) -

I just want to see more Pocket Circuit Fighter. With enough money to throw at it, the races are quite easy!

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#42 Posted by Genji-Gloves (107 posts) -

Get perhaps a quick turkey? Maybe hit the club and play the hostess game again. Failing that Dan should fight and win at least one Mr.shakedown fight.

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#43 Edited by capybarathered (7 posts) -

Congrats on finishing the game!

First, a little tip when you load your clear game save in Premium Adventure Mode: If you access the phone in the Real Estate Office (as Kiryu) or in Club Sunshine's Back Room (as Majima), you can switch characters, outfits, as well as change the time of day.

As for my suggestions:

Quick Things You Can Do In-Game (as Kiryu)

  • Win a Pocket Circuit Race to see Kiryu's victory pose. The first race is really easy as long as you upgrade your car. You can get to the parts shop by going past Fighter (the guy you talk to to start races) and walking around the corner.
  • Invite Ayaka (the girl you met through the Telephone Club mini-game) to karaoke. Just chose "Invite Other" when you use the karaoke machine. She sings a song you've already done, but since it's one of your potential girlfriends there will be a cinematic bit during the song. While you're there, you could do Bakamitai to see a different side of Kiryu.
  • The Watery Investment Substory. It's hardly the funniest side story, but I like the bit they do here. Youtube Link if you want to check it out. The side story is located here:
No Caption Provided

For Majima, I'll add another vote towards doing Rouge of Love at karaoke.

Video Clips

Sorry if that was a lot. If it wasn't apparent, I really like this game. :)

Thanks for the playthrough, and I hope you guys decide to continue with the rest of the games.

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#44 Posted by Wormy22 (89 posts) -
No Caption Provided

Here's the actor who plays Kuze being slapped by a monkey. Nothing else to add.

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#45 Posted by Fink (199 posts) -

Oh, don't forget the hustle!

Loading Video...

... Apparently that's the hustle?

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#46 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1610 posts) -

Get perhaps a quick turkey? Maybe hit the club and play the hostess game again. Failing that Dan should fight and win at least one Mr.shakedown fight.

Getting a turkey doesn't do anything unless you've already progressed the friendship meter to the final segment, they should just watch it on youtube.

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#47 Posted by Gee_rad (199 posts) -

Dan can't be truly done with this game until he defeats his ultimate rival: Mr. Shakedown.

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#48 Posted by munkippo (37 posts) -

I was hoping you guys would get just a little further with the electronics king. His half-way fight is a high score challenge in Out-Run. Also the Sega high-tech land friendship is pretty good.

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#49 Edited by BoOzak (2573 posts) -

@ratamero said:

I just want to see more Pocket Circuit Fighter. With enough money to throw at it, the races are quite easy!

Yeah, that and at least taking down the first of the five stars, they're halfway there already so it isnt much of a time sink.

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#50 Posted by emphulio (217 posts) -

Pocket Circuit, winning one race should do it. You got some really good race gear from clown bob. Here's a link to the scene
With Majima, it would be nice to visit river styx once and one run at the Cabaret club would also be appreciated.
And that bowling video.
One last plushie from the crane-game?

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