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The Facebook version of You Don't Know Jack is superficially identical to the recent 2011 version of the game available for consoles - but in this version the player tries their luck against other Facebook users, either pulled from their friends list (provided that they are also playing YDKJ) or complete strangers. An iOS version of the game was launched on December 13th 2012, which syncs with the player's Facebook account, and all their stats and money can be tracked between the browser and mobile versions.

Players play each other asynchronously, trying to answer a series of questions as quickly and accurately as they can. Right answers credit the player with an amount of cash (or "bling") relative to how quickly they buzzed in and wrong answers penalize by the same amount. Whoever has the most bling by the end is the winner.


The game is free to play, and is supported via microtransactions. Players always get one free round per day, but can spend money to buy additional rounds and score multipliers. At first, the game started out using the universal "Facebook Credits" currency for micro-transactions. But in September 2012 they switched to a game-specific "token" based system, which players can buy directly within the game. One round of YDKJ costs 200 tokens, and 1,000 tokens can be purchased for $2.00. Players can also earn tokens for free by watching advertisements & claiming offers from sponsors. Players still get one free game per day, but can no longer stock-pile rounds by logging into the game and not playing.

Differences From The 2011 Console/PC Version

The chief differences between the Facebook version and the console version are that each individual quiz has only five rounds, including the final round of Jack Attack. The player also does not have the opportunity to be named by the game; they instead use their first name as defined on their Facebook profile. The "production crew" background chatter is eliminated and there is no longer a "wrong answer of the game" feature. It does, however, share the previous versions' predilection for fake sponsors and other commercials/programs playing in the background.

It also has "Dis or Dat", "Funky Trash", "The Put The Choices Into Order Then Buzz In And See If You Are Right Question" and "Cookie's Fortune Cookie Fortunes With Cookie "Fortune Cookie" Masterson" special questions from the 2011 edition, the "Gibberish Question" from prior versions of the game, as well as the Facebook unique "Elephant, Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt or Dracula?" (in which the answer is (nearly) always one of the four things mentioned), which will occasionally replace any of the first four questions.

Because of the truncated format there's a quick turnaround on new quizzes, which means this version has the opportunity for it to be extremely topical with its pop culture trivia.


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