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Yuji is the second son of Masatsugu. His mother passed away when he was young. Yuji is a successful executive who owns a branch of hotels around Japan. He disapproves of his father's stubbornness and supports his niece, Sarina's, bid for freedom.

Yuji is very laid-back, opposite of his father.

Early life

Kashiwara family
Kashiwara family

Yuji admits that his older brother Kenichi is the favorite child. When Masatsugu and Kenichi argued about Kenichi's marriage, Yuji did not support either side. After Kenichi was disowned, Yuji kept in contact with him.

When Kenichi committed suicide, Yuji broke into his apartment to rescue Sarina and gave her to the care of Masatsugu. Yuji also took Kenichi's guitar and preserved it then gave it to Sarina.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

On Sarina's path, Yuji tracked the Second Literature Club band to Kumamoto through their blog and bought them lunch at a Chinese restaurant. He praised Kirari's blog writing quality and approved of Sarina in joining the band tour. He was also surprised to discover that 'Shikako' was actually a guy. He voiced his worry about a guy traveling with 3 girls and Chie claimed that Shikanosuke is gay. Yuji did not look convinced.

Kirari then explained to Yuji that the band lack funds to travel to Okinawa. Yuji offered to employ them temporarily at his hotel at Okinawa for them to raise money. He also funded the boat travel to and from Okinawa.

Chapter 3: Run This Way

Sarina's guitar
Sarina's guitar

Yuji met Shikanosuke intending to enter Masatsugu's home. He let him in and explained to Masatsugu that Shikanosuke was his guest. Yuji argued with Masatsugu that he was keeping an iron grip on Sarina. Masatsugu argued that he will allow her freedom once her health improved.

A few days later, Yuji explained to Shikanosuke that he supported Shikanosuke's effort to free Sarina but not to marry her. He also revealed that the Sarina's guitar contained a secret that could help Shikanosuke's case.

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