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    Zed, the Master of Shadows

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    A character in League of Legends that uses forbidden shadow masteries.

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    Released on November 13th, 2012, Zed is an attack damage assassin that specializes in burst, survival, and single target damage. Labelled specifically as Shen's rival, Zed is characterized as an evil ninja that utilizes forbidden shadow techniques to defeat his enemies. Zed's alternate skin is Stormblade Zed, this Zed wears white ninja armor and uses Storm Clouds in lieu of shadows.


    PassiveContempt for the Weak: Zed deals additional magic damage on his auto attacks towards enemies with very low health. This effect cannot occur more than once on the same target every 10 seconds.
    QRazor Shuriken: Zed throws a shuriken in a line, dealing attack damage to all enemies hit. Shadow clones also throw shurikens, and restore Zed's energy when they hit enemies.
    WLiving Shadow: Zed summons a shadow clone in a close range to himself. This shadow clone uses abilities with Zed and lasts for a couple seconds. Reactivating the ability while it is active will cause Zed to switch places with the clone.
    EShadow Slash: Zed swings his spiked gauntlets in his immediate area, dealing physical damage to all enemies near him. Zed's shadow clone will deal damage and slow, but not if both Zed and his clone are close enough that they would both deal damage. If they are, only Zed will deal damage, and not the clone. The slow effect will still apply.

    Death Mark: Zed dashes to his enemy through the shadows, becoming untargetable during this dash. When Zed reaches his target, he applies a mark to it, and also drops a shadow behind them.

    After a couple seconds, the mark will pop, dealing 100% of Zed's attack damage, as well as an additional percentage of the damage Zed and his shadows dealt to the target before the mark popped.


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