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    Zoë Castillo

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    Zoë Castillo is an ordinary girl from Casablanca. She is one among three controllable characters in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. She gets caught up in things way beyond her seemingly insignificant college dropout life. She proves to be resourceful and courageous as she fights for her life.

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    Zoë Castillo is one of three rotating protagonists in the story-based adventure game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Although both April Ryan and Kian Alvane play significant parts, the storyline focuses mostly on Zoës journey along with her relative prominence in the box art and other promotional materials indicate that she is the main character of the game. She also serves as the game's narrator, with the prologue revealing her to be in a deep coma and serenely contemplating the events that precipitated it.

    Ten years before the events of Dreamfall, in the year 2209, she lived in London with her dad. They were there when the Collapse happened.

    Zoë is voiced in the game by British voice actress Ellie Conrad Leigh.

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

    Dreamfall begins in the year 2219 when Zoë Castillo is a 20-year old young woman living in the suburbs of Casablanca. Despite the presence of a supportive father and some closefriends, Zoë struggles with a deep melancholy that has taken root in her life and caused her to drop out of college. She's also recently broken off a romance with a journalist named Reza Timiz despite the fact that they still care deeply for each other.

    Following a vast technological collapse ten years earlier, all electronics in the world are required to permanently link into a pervasive global network known as the Wire which is tirelessly policed by the Syndicate, a law enforcement arm of the ruling world government. Regardless of their security measures, a new glitch has arisen where an impenetrable white Static has started flooding random sections of the Wire and disabling everything in a wide radius. This growing problem would probably be of little interest to Zoë except for the presence of an eerie figure in the Static who seems to be addressing her directly as it urgently whispers, "Save April Ryan!"

    She is as mystified by the message as by the messenger, but when Reza suddenly vanishes in the middle of an assignment and some woman's dead body turns up in his apartment, Zoë sets out to uncover the link between his disappearance, the chaotic spread of the Static, and the enigmatic April Ryan. Her quest takes her to several locales from April's past, both in her own dimension of Stark and the dark fantasy realm of Arcadia, and eventually discovers a looming threat that could destabilize the delicate Balance between the two.

    Zoë Castillo with her AI friend
    Zoë Castillo with her AI friend "watilla," Wonkers.
    Relationships At the start of Dreamfall, Zoë Castillo is best friends with Olivia De Marco, an electronic technician and hacker who prides herself on figuring out how access the Wire invisibly.  Zoë also remains very close with Reza Timiz despite their recent breakup, and has a strong attachment to an artificially intelligent childhood toy named Wonkers.

    She goes on to develop friendships with several returning The Longest Journey characters including Benrime Salmin, Brian Westhouse and the chatty black bird Crow. She even makes acquaintances with April Ryan's old college friends Charlie and Emma. April herself, however, seems to want nothing to do with her, and Z
    oë inadvertently attracts the sinister attention of the Azadi priestesses in Arcadia and the powerful WATIcorp in Stark.

    Dreamfall Chapters

    In June 2008, franchise creator, director, and lead writerRagnar Tørnquist confirmed on his blog that Zoë would be returning in the upcoming sequel Dreamfall Chapters.

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