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Endangered Species is an expansion for Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon 2 PC game, and was the first of three released. Like all expansions, Endangered Species requires the original Zoo Tycoon 2 game installed. The expansion adds extra campaigns, items, and animals. Endangered Species contains 20 new animals, which vary in rarity.

Graphical Patches

Endangered Species included multiple patches for the graphics of the game on the disc, and these were generally welcomed by PC gamers as the original game graphics were regarded as being somewhat poor. Should the PC being used be able to handle 'Very High' settings for water detail, the water became transparent, rather than a solid color. On top of this, all 2D objects contained in the original Zoo Tycoon 2 were upgraded into 3D with the Endangered Species expansion pack.

New Animals

Endangered Species boosted the roster of animals present in the game by 20, and as the name would suggest, focuses entirely on endangered species of animal, such as the orangutan. As well as adding new animals, Endangered Species reworked the AI of animals that were included in the original game, and allowed them to be herded more easily amongst other things. Below is a list of all the animals added:
Latin Name
Common Name
 Lycaon Pictus
 African Wild Dog
 Bison Bison
 American Bison
 Tapirus Bairdii
 Baird's Tapir
 Rangifer Tarandus Groenlandicus
 Hylobates Concolor
 Crested Gibbon
 Vulpes Zerda
 Fennec Fox
 Puma Concolor Coryi
 Florida Panther
 Hippotragus Niger Variani
 Giant Sable Antelope
 Geochelone Niger Porteri
 Galapagos Giant Tortoise
 Canis Lupus Lyacon
 Grey Wolf
 Rhinoceros Sondaicus
 Javan Rhino
 Phascolarctos Cinerus
 Vanarus Komodoenisis
 Komodo Dragon
 Capra Falconeri
 Pongo Pygmaeus
 Equus Ferus Przewalskii  Przewalskii's Horse
 Oryx Dammah
 Scimitar Horned Oryx
 Lynx Pardinius
 Spanish Lynx
 Tremarctos Omatus
 Speckled Bear
 Gulo Gulo

Despite the fact that these animals were all added to the game before Zoo Tycoon 2 for the Nintendo DS was released, the only Endangered Species animals to appear in the DS version of the game are the Spanish Lynx, Orangutan and Koala.

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